Who Is Harlan Coben? The Writer Behind Your Favorite Netflix Thrillers

Who Is Harlan Coben? The Writer Behind Your Favorite Netflix Thrillers

Modern literature is indeed a fascinating subject that we need to ponder upon. There are so many writers out there who have given fascinating stories to the world. One of them is the iconic American novelist Harlan Coben. The writer is already a big name in the mystery genre, but recently got a newfound fame thanks to Netflix’s decision to adapt his novels into shows.

While many people already know who this amazing genius is, there are still a few who need a proper introduction to Coben. So, here we will introduce you to this novelist who has inspired some of your favorite Netflix Originals and will hopefully give us a few more.

Harlan Coben’s personal life and bio

Harlan Coben was born on January 4, 1962, into a Jewish family in Newark, New Jersey. After completing his schooling at Livingston High School, he moved to Amherst College to study political science. At Amherst, he became a member of the Psi Upsilon fraternity along with the very popular writer Dan Brown. It was in his college days that Coben started first started writing.

Upon completing his graduation, Coben worked in the travel industry, at an agency his grandfather owned. Later, he switched to writing as a full-time career. Currently, at 60 years of age, he lives in Ridgewood, New Jersey, with his wife, Anne Armstrong-Coben, and their four children.

Harlan Coben: A brief introduction to the writer

Harlan Coben is a pretty big name when one talks about contemporary American literature. He has written over 30 books in his lifetime, and all of them have been a great success. With over 70 million copies sold, Coben is undoubtedly a huge name in current literature. His books have been published in 43 different languages, thus making him a successful writer all around the globe.

Coben wrote many stand-alone novels, including Fool Me Once, Tell No one, and No Second Chance. But the most famous work of his is the Myron Bolitar series, which follows a sports agent who solves the murders of his clients. He is the first author to have won the Edgar Award, the Anthony Award, and the Shamus Award. Here is a list of all of his novels for you:


  • Fool Me Once (2016)
  • Play Dead (1990)
  • Miracle Cure (1991)
  • Tell No One (2001)
  • Gone for Good (2002)
  • No Second Chance (2003)
  • Just One Look (2004)
  • The Innocent (2005)
  • The Woods (2007)
  • Hold Tight (2008)
  • Caught (2010)
  • Stay Close (2012)
  • Six Years (2013)
  • Missing You (2014)
  • The Stranger (2015)
  • Don’t Let Go (2017)
  • Run Away (2019)
  • The Boy from the Woods (2020)
  • Win (2021)

Mickey Bolitar

  • Shelter (2011)
  • Seconds Away (2012)
  • Found (2014)

Myron Bolitar Series

  • Deal Breaker (1995)
  • Drop Shot (1996)
  • Fade Away (1996)
  • Back Spin (1997)
  • One False Move (1998)
  • The Final Detail (1999)
  • Darkest Fear (2000)
  • Promise Me (2006)
  • Long Lost (2009)
  • Live Wire (2011)
  • Home (2016)

TV series and movies

Many of Coben’s works have been used as an inspiration for movies and series. The first of which was a French-language film Tell No One. His books No Second Chance and Just One Look, have been adapted as French Miniseries as well.

Coben is also the creator of a British crime drama titled The Five, and the French-British crime drama Safe, which aired on Netflix worldwide.

Harlan Coben and his deal with Netflix

Harlan Coben signed a multi-million-dollar deal with Netflix in August 2018. Under the deal, Netflix will develop 14 of Coben’s works into Netflix Original series or movies. Until now, we have seen five of those titles, the latest being Stay Close.

If you wish to check out more of Coben’s work on Netflix, you can do that here.

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