Who Dubbed La Casa De Papel In English – Money Heist Voice Actors

Who Dubbed La Casa De Papel In English – Money Heist Voice Actors

With the sudden success of Money Heist on Netflix, the show has become the most-watched non-English show in 2018. Money Heist aka La Casa de Papel is a Spanish crime thriller show by Alex Pina. After Netflix has gained the streaming rights of Money Heist, it re-cut and dubbed the show, and renamed it Money Heist for an English-speaking audience. After the dubbing, the show was released on Netflix on December 20th, 2017.

With Netflix’s arrival, the quality of the show improves and for the English version of the foreign show, Netflix even hired a new dubbing studio at VSI Los Angeles. All the seasons were re-dubbed in the studio.

What languages can you watch Money Heist in?

Money Heist is a show which is in native Spanish, but you can also watch the dubbed show in English, French, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese.

And if you want to watch the uncut version of La Casa de Papel, then there are subtitles available in English, European Spanish, French, Polish, and Arabic.

The Professor: Todd Haberkorn

In Money Heist, the voice of the character Professor has very much an impact on the audience. The viewers are in awe of the deep and intense voice of Professor. Salva’s character is very intimidating, with a mastermind behind the robbery with a stable attitude. Todd Haberkorn has given the English voice for Professor. Todd has given voice to several films, anime, tv series, video games. He has founded the recording studio The Habertat. Some of his notable works are 3%, Marseille, Cable Girls,  Dark, 1983, No Tears for the Dead, and The Divine Move.

Denver: Doug Erholtz

Doug Erholtz has given the voice for Denver. He has no stranger to voice acting. Doug’s other notable works are TK from Digimon, Final Fantasy VIII, Bleach, and Street Fighter series.

Nairobi: Cherami Leigh

Cherami Leigh has given the voice to Nairobi. She has also given the English voice for Pen Pen from the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. Cherami also stars in the anime, Fairy Tale, Walker: Texas Ranger, and Holiday In Your Heart. She has been in the industry since six years old and has done a lot of roles and also voice roles.

Rio: Johnny Yong Bosch

The English voice for Rio is given by Johnny Yong Bosch. Some of his notable works are Vash from anime Trigun and Ichigo from Bleach, and also in the game series Devil May Cry. He has done some live-action acting as Black Ranger in the Power Ranger series.

Raquel: Cindy Robinson

The English voice for Raquel is given by Cindy Robinson. She has done a lot of variety of work in her life. Starting from the English voice of Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu transformation, to lieutenant Kiyone in Bleach, to Amy Rose in the Sonic Boom series, and many more.

Tokyo: Christina Vee

The English voice for Tokyo is given by Christina Vee. We have recognized from League of Legends and Sailor Moon reboot.

Other Money Heist Characters Voice Actor

Alberto – Bob Buchholz

Alison – Reba Buhr

Angel – Keith Silverstein

Ariadna – Erika Harlacher

Arturo – Brian Beacock

Berlin – Chris Smith

Helsinki – Jamieson Price

Maribi – Barbara Goodson

Mercedes – Johanna Luis

Monica – Anne Yatco

Moscow – Michael Sorich

Oslo – Joseph Whimms

Pablo – Bryce Papenbrook

Paula – Hannah Swain

Prieto – Pete Sepenuk

Rio – Johnny Bosch

Suarez – Kyle McCarley

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