Who Are the Best Characters in Netflix’s ‘Toy Boy’?

Who Are the Best Characters in Netflix’s ‘Toy Boy’?

The Spanish show, Toy Boy, is back on Netflix from February 11th, 2022. The show has just the correct amount of fun, crime, thriller, mystery, drama, and romance. It might not catch the level of Money Heist, Elite, Narcos, or Dark Desire, but it surely attracts a certain amount of fresh audiences. The plot of the show develops around Hugo, a dancer, who gets released after spending seven years in jail. After losing seven years of the crime he didn’t even commit, Hugo was on a mission to prove his innocence.

Other than Hugo, there are some other characters who are loved by the audiences because they are not corrupt. Some of them are so corrupt, you can’t feel any empathy towards them.

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Macarena Medina

We do have a love/hate relationship with her. In the series, she is an ambitious businesswoman who loves her son. But don’t have time to talk with him. She loses everything after her husband died. Her entire world crumbled.

Andrea Medina

Andrea Medina is the son of Macarena, with a dark secret, trying to live his life peacefully. He is mentally fragile, depressed, and vulnerable because his own uncle sexually assaulted him. But due to fear, he is not able to communicate his assault with anyone. He has an exhausting relationship with his partner, Jairo, and his mother. After knowing his situation, we feel empathetic towards him.

Jairo Soto

Jairo Soto is one of the core boys of Netflix’s Toy Boy. He is a mute dancer with a complicated family. He really cared about Andrea and understands him. His rough background and less understanding of family make him a better person.

He is one of the most flexible characters, who is always ready to adapt to any circumstances.

Triana Marin

Triana Marin is the defense lawyer of Hugo. She is strong, smart, and loves to talk clearly. She assures Hugo that she is going to win his trial. If she makes up her mind about something, no one can stop her from digging into the truth. However, working with Hugo, make her fall for him.

Hugo Beltrán

The protagonist of Toy Boy is ready to clear his name from the crime he didn’t commit. He discovers the truth and finds out all the secrets relating to the crime. Hugo just can’t sit idle and gulp up the crime, he didn’t commit. His upside-down journey continuously keeps us invested.

Who is your favorite character? Let us know in the comment section.

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