“Where’s Britney Spears?” – Twitter fans concerned over Pop Star deactivating Instagram Account Post Her Birthday

“Where’s Britney Spears?” – Twitter fans concerned over Pop Star deactivating Instagram Account Post Her Birthday

Britney Spears seems to have disappeared after her birthday. The singer gained a lot of support after she won her conservatorship against her father, winning control over her finances. She had been living with her husband, Sam Ashghari whom she married this year, making it her second marriage after Jayden Federline.

The Toxic singer has been public about her spoiled relationship with her family. So she left everyone confused when the singer took to social media to write a suspiciously sweet post for her sister on her own birthday. Since then, Spears seems to have deactivated her Instagram. Now fans wonder what is happening with her.

Fans react to Britney Spears disappearing from Instagram

Is Britney Spears in trouble? That is a question fans have been asking since her disappearance from social media. The singer seems to have deactivated her Instagram account and fans are brewing up different theories about her sudden silence. The Princess of Pop recently celebrated her 41st birthday and seemed happy as she dedicated a long post to her sister Jamie Lynn Spears. The two are reported of having had a stormy relationship for years, so the post left many followers confused. Now when the singer has deactivated her profile suddenly, there are growing concerns over her well-being.

One fan even wanted to ask Mathew Rosengart about the whereabouts of Spears. The celebrity lawyer represented her during the conservatory case against her father. Meanwhile, another fan pointed to the bizarre video that Spears’ husband Sam Asghari posted on Instagram recently. He is yet to address her Instagram disappearance.

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But one cannot rule out the possibility of her being in an asylum. The singer has had issues with mental health and drugs for years now. The general concern is whether she is being controlled by her family against her will. She would occasionally post bizarre posts, but at least kept fans in the loop. There are no representatives who have come to speak of her situation currently.

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