Where Is the Game of Thrones-Inspired Kitchen Utensil Throne From ‘Is It Cake’ Now?

Where Is the Game of Thrones-Inspired Kitchen Utensil Throne From ‘Is It Cake’ Now?

Dan Cutforth’s brainchild, Is It Cake is a fun baking cum a game show. The latest baking show on the block is the buzziest show right now. For one, the format is original and has never been done before, and second, people are just dying to know more about the Game of Thrones chair so that they can get one for themselves! The kitchen utensil Game of Thrones chair on which Mikey Days sits caught the viewers’ attention almost immediately. 

Since filming is over, the throne is back in the storage room or Dan thinks it is at their office. But don’t worry, the chair won’t be disposed of. At least that is what Dan hinted at when he said that the chair is waiting for season 2! 

Where did they get that Game of Thrones-inspired chair?

It is all thanks to the superior art department team at Is It Cake who made the Game of Thrones chair. That’s not all. The team is behind all the decoys that you see on the show as well! Whenever a theme is picked for an episode and the bakers choose an object to model their cake on, the art team has to be on-ready. Their immediate task is to find all the other objects that might look like they could be cakes. You can already imagine the variety of things that are in store at the warehouse. 

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How did they manage to fool the judges and the viewers on Is It Cake?

You may have never noticed this, but the lighting changes every time the bakers are to bake. It turns to all white to allow better visibility. When it is time to play some games, the lights change again to add a cool retro vibe. Other than just creating an ambiance these lights served another purpose- to make it harder for them to discern the objects. Distance from the cakes also played a key role. The creators had to figure out the right distance away from the cakes on the first day of shooting itself. And well, it worked! 

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