Where Is Emily in Paris Filmed? Look Inside the Sets of Season 2

Where Is Emily in Paris Filmed? Look Inside the Sets of Season 2

Season 2 of Emily in Paris made its way to Netflix last December. Darren Star, the creator of the show, who is renowned for Sex and the City, has charmed the viewers by the tour of France. Although he has not shown us every nook and cranny of France, he took the show away from Paris to locations such as St. Tropez, Versailles, and Champagne.

After binging the show, fans are curious to know about sets and the location of Season 2.

Hence, Netflix uploaded a YouTube video about all the sets and the locations of Season 2 to let fans get an inside sneak-peek.

The writer of the show, Darren Star, explains that all the locations and sets are a treat for the audiences, and through the show, they can enjoy a lifetime experience. He claims, “People all over the world have a love of Paris, as a place that they would fantasize about living in, that they would love to visit. They want to live and visit Paris vicariously through the series”

Inside The Sets of Emily in Paris Season 2

There are so many places in this sequel season. The show starts in Paris and moves to the magical Saint-Tropez. It also has scenes on the Seine in a Bateau Mouche, street of Montmartre, the market of le Marche d’Aligre.

The highlight of the show was shooting in Gare de l’Est. The executive producer and the director of the show, Andrew Fleming, said, “One of the highlights for me was we were shooting in Gare de l’Est. We had an Orient Express train brought in for us, specifically. We got to move it out during the scene and then stop it, and back it in to have the actors interact with the train moving.”

As the real train does not comprise the sleeping car, the team of art directors created the cabin on a stage on wheels.

The cast also shot some scenes at Versailles. When Lily Collins found out that they were shooting in Versailles, her first response was, “When I found out we were shooting at Versailles, my response was ‘Oh great so now so next season we’re going to the moon?’ But no truly, to me there’s nothing more opulent and grand and special — and wow — than Versailles.”

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