Where Have You Seen the Byron Baes Cast Before?

Where Have You Seen the Byron Baes Cast Before?

Byron Baes has attracted so many viewers from the young generation on Netflix. A group of influencers and entrepreneurs, who are hustling with their careers and living in a gorgeous house in Byron Bay, Australia. It’s a reality show, more like a documentary format, where the show catches every moment the influencers are facing. We mostly saw the influencers indulge in fun activities like drinking cocktails and surfing, and showing off their glamorous life.

So, for the viewers, Netflix did some digging and brought us some details of the participants, to get a more clear perspective of their favorite contestants.

Elias Chigros

Elias Chigros on Byron Baes is no newbie to the industry. We have already seen him in Love Island Australia, where he only lasted for fourteen days. But, unfortunately, he didn’t find his potential partner from the show and still looking for one. Elias is a professional model and amateur boxer.

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Nathan Favro

Just like Elias, Nathan is also no newbie to the industry. He was a cast member on Season 4 of The Bachelorette Australia, where he was kicked out from the show for spreading rumors. After that, he appeared on Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, Australia, where he had a relationship with Tenille Favios. But they eventually broke up.

Jade Kevin Foster

Jade Kevin Foster is one of the most followed male influencers in Australia. Just like Elias and Nathan, he also appeared in the reality show Trial by Kyle, First Dates Australia, and also in the 2021 horror movie, The Possessed. Jade’s account blew up when he posted a video of Kim Kardashian with him.

Sarah St. James

Sarah is a music creator, who has already released one called Reckless Life. She was even part of Melbourne-based musical duo Elle.

Alex Reid

Alex Reid used to be an assistant radio host. But, after his influencer life flourished, he is now the director of two influencer agencies: Amplify and the Traction Agency.

Jessica Johansen Bell

Jessica Johansen Bell owned the fashion label titled Johansen. She is really a strong businesswoman. Even Kylie Jenner has also worn two of her designs, which got her $4 million worth of free advertising.

Lauren Johansen Bell

Lauren is an absolute newbie, who models for her sister’s fashion label.

Hannah Brauer

Hannah is co-creative director of her family’s Byron Bay boutique, Bisque Traders. Even Hannah models for her brand.

Which one is your favorite? Comment down below.

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