Where Did Netflix Find the Perfect Piece of Heaven to Shoot ‘Welcome to Eden’? FIND Out All the Specific Shooting Location

Where Did Netflix Find the Perfect Piece of Heaven to Shoot ‘Welcome to Eden’? FIND Out All the Specific Shooting Location

On Netflix, there’s a new mystery called Welcome to Eden.  A group of influencers gets an invite to an elite party. But only five get to sample a mystery drink known as Blue Eden. As they board a boat to a gorgeous, isolated island resort, the influencers are promised the experience of a lifetime. Welcome to Eden‘s island is virtually a character in and of itself.

So, where did the series take place?  We disclose the shooting locations of Welcome to Eden, including specific locations that helped to produce the perfect photo.

Where did they shoot Welcome to Eden?

Filming for Welcome to Eden was mostly done in and around Puerto del Carmen, Barcelona, San Sebastián, and Teruel, in the production’s home Spain.


The Welcome to Eden crew took use of Puerto del Carmen‘s coastline landscape in the Canary Islands. The Playa Chica beach also serves as an important location for numerous key scenes.

Barcelona’s architecture is also visible in the series, notably the capital of Catalonia’s creative impact. We also visit the region of Donostia–San Sebastián in Basque, and Teruel in the community of Aragon.

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Is the whole season available for streaming?

It can be annoying when a new program only releases a few episodes every week, leaving you wondering what will happen next. Thankfully, Welcome to Eden is not like that and has a separate timetable.

Season 1 is currently available on Netflix in its entirety. There are eight episodes in the first season, and all of them have great runtime of 40-45 minutes.

Daniel Benmayor and Menna Fité shared the directing duties, and the streaming site has yet to announce if the thriller will receive a second season or not.

Certainly, Netflix knows how to get the best locations for their Originals and they do not shy away from spending extra money on them. Just look at the huge budget of their new spy thriller The Gray Man.

Do you guys like the beautiful and serene location of Welcome to Eden? Let us know in the comments.

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