When Will Life After Death With Tyler Henry Release on Netflix?

When Will Life After Death With Tyler Henry Release on Netflix?

Are there things that we cannot see? Is there life after death, or can someone know the future? Questions like these have intrigued us all at some point. However, Tyler Henry is one individual who claims he can answer them all. Well, if that doesn’t get Netflix interested, what will!

Tyler Henry is coming to Netflix with his brand new show “Life After Death.” But when will the show release on Netflix, and what is it about. Let us find out.

Netflix show featuring Tyler Henry Life After Death- what is it about?

Tyler Henry Koelewyn is a popular reality series personality. He first gained popularity in a tv show Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. Tyler is a clairvoyant who can receive information about a person’s location or physical event through extrasensory perception.

In his new show, Tyler Henry will talk to people who aren’t celebrities, unlike his previous endeavors. He goes around talking to the trying to connect the living to their dearly departed. What sets this show apart from Tyler’s other. Is that in this new show Tyler is willing to cross the boundaries of intimacy to create a connection with people.

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Where will it release?

You can catch the show of self-confessed Macaulay Culkin lookalike on Netflix from the 11th of March.

Netflix has released all nine episodes of the show altogether for a great binge-watching experience. However, you cannot stream it with your whole family. As the show contains some disturbing conversations, they are deemed inappropriate for a younger viewing audience. Hence the show has been given an age rating of TV-MA.

The show started streaming on Netflix on March 11 at 3:01 am, ET/12:01 am PT.

So what are you waiting for go stream Life After Death now!

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