When Will Kimi Movie Be Available on Netflix? Here’s What We Know

When Will Kimi Movie Be Available on Netflix? Here’s What We Know

Movies of Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh are always a treat to watch. They have a distinct style of editing and cinematography that only Steven can bring. So whenever his film releases, fans rush to the theatres to watch it first. But since watching movies’ during a pandemic is confusing, you never know where the movie will stream. So where can you watch Stevens’s latest film Kimi? If you are wondering if Kimi movie is available on Netflix or not, we got you covered!

What is the movie about?

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in Seattle, individuals in other regions of the world have begun working from home. While this may come as a shock to some, Angela Childs, a tech worker who suffers from agoraphobia and anxiety, prefers to conduct her business from the comfort of her own home. Angela comes across evidence for a brutal crime while working on a data stream one day, which scares her to her core. As a responsible and caring citizen, Angela does everything she can to bring the situation to the company’s notice.

Angela chooses to confront her darkest fear and travel into the city streets to get the persons responsible to justice when things are not taken as seriously as she would want. Will the IT worker, however, be successful?

Steven Soderbergh directs the movie, with Zoë Kravitz starring with David Koepp writing and producing the film.

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Is the Kimi movie available on Netflix?

Netflix has a massive list of action thrillers with some of the greatest directors available for streaming. However, unfortunately, Kimi by Soderbergh will not be available on Netflix any time soon. To watch the movie, fans will have to have an HBO MAX subscription as the film is exclusively available on HBO from February 10th.

Meanwhile, do despair as Netflix has some really cool action movies that you can stream till Kimi arrives on Netflix.


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