When Steve Harrington Admitted He is a Daddy in The Most Hilarious Situation Possible on Stranger Things

When Steve Harrington Admitted He is a Daddy in The Most Hilarious Situation Possible on Stranger Things

Hawkins heartthrob Steve Harrington has gone from teen baddie to wholesome daddy within four seasons of Stranger Things. After his heart got broken in the 2nd outing of the supernatural series, the kids came to rescue his feelings. At first, Steve had a lot in common with the stereotypical popular high school linebacker. But his friendship with Nancy helped reveal a more complex, vulnerable side to him.

However, he got cheated on, dumped, and even beaten towards the end of 2nd outing. Then entered the kids, and Keery’s character developed deeper ties with them, specifically Dustin. He essentially became the babysitter of the group. His character evolution sure is well-received among fans and critics alike, resulting in him becoming one of the most likable characters in the coming-of-age drama. And although Keery has had none rather less improvised scenes like Jonathan or Eleven, he certainly has iconic daddy Steve moments in the show, especially in the third season.

The iconic Steve daddy Harrington moment in Stranger Things 3 fans would never forget

Stranger Things 3 saw Steve scooping ice-creams in the mall, with his now gay best friend then rebel, Robin Buckley. We then saw the kids interrupting his well-set job as he sighs “not again.” They embarked on their journey to take down yet another evil monster, the Mindflayer. The monster had flayed the minds of rats and Max’s brother Billy. And the Russians had something entirely else going on behind the backs of Hawkins’ citizens. They were literally trying to open the Upside Down yet again! And in order to stop their attempt to cause the massacre, Hopper and the team needed plank’s constant. Hence enter Dustin’s girlfriend Suzie.

However, to connect to Suzie, Dustin would need to reach the top of the hill where he had set up the radio. Hopper lends Steve the keys to his 1984 Cadillac Eldorado. It’s a car that screams action, a beautiful drop-top in the color of buttermilk. Smooth and sexy. And when he sees the car, he gets dripping wet and reacts in a rather hilarious manner. That’s the exact time when fans get the best Steve Daddy Harrington moment.

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He refers to himself in third person and claims “Forget Godfather, Steve’s her (the car’s) daddy now.” Steve sure had his Magnum P.I. moment until he hadn’t any more. If you do know what happened to the chic, you must have spit chips into your velour couch. Anyway, hands down, Joe Keery’s Steve will forever be the funniest and sweetheart daddy in Stranger Things. 

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