When Is The Release Date Of ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 4 On Netflix?

When Is The Release Date Of ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 4 On Netflix?

Cobra Kai‘ which was created by Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg is an American martial arts comedy-drama streaming television series. The series is an Emmy-nominated sequel series to the Karate Kid (1984) films.

The first two seasons of Cobra Kai released on YouTube Premium. And YouTube officially ordered Cobra Kai Season 3 back in April 2019. Then, Netflix acquired the series from YouTube Premium in June 2020. Cobra Kai became one of the most popular shows on Netflix in 2020. Cobra Kai Season 3 released on Netflix on Friday, January 1, 2021.

When Is The Release Date Of ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 4 On Netflix?

Season 4 of ‘Cobra Kai’ was renewed as of October 2020 ahead of the third season premiere. The series is expected to begin filming in January 2021 and wrap up in April 2021. Netflix has not yet announced the release date of ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 4. But, we expect that season 4 of the series will be released in December 2021 or January 2022.

Cast Of ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 4

Thomas Ian Griffith who is one of the guest stars from the old movies will play Terry Silver in Season 4. It is unclear to other guest stars from the old movies such as Elisabeth Shue and Ali.

As for Hilary Swank as Julie Pierce, Jon Hurwitz who is one of the co-creators told to CinemaBlend: “In our writers’ room we speak about literally every character that has appeared in the Miyagi-verse, so it’s obvious that we’ve spoken about Julie Pierce. As to whether or not she’ll return to the series, that’s something you’ll just have to wait to find out.”

What is Cobra Kai about?

Thirty-four years after the events of 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, the series is focusing on the character of Johnny Lawrence played by William Zabka.

Ralph Macchio said: “The story works on a human level. There are themes of bullying, fatherhood, single parenting, mentorship. All those themes do not go away in life; they’re all part of life and the coming of age – the adolescence and how you navigate hurdles and bullying and your growth as a human being still resonates and still works.”

Also, it is expected that season 4 consists of 10 episodes, but it is not confirmed. Watch the season 3 trailer below!

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    fruit loop
    April 24, 2021 at 7:48 am

    LOVE this series so much I binged all 3 seasons in two days! Can’t wait for season 4. There is nothing not to like; the storylines are believable and excellent, the teens sre portrayed realistically and age-appropriately (which adult writers have a tendency get wrong), and the families have real problems. The only thing missing is, of course, the legendsry Pat Morita, but the series honors his memory and pays tribute in flashbacks.
    I hope to see more Asian characters – perhsps Chozen will pay a visit? – but the cast is racially diverse.
    Good acting, great story and how nice that the important roles were not recast!!!!

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