When is the ‘Surviving Death’ Season 2 Netflix Release Date?

When is the ‘Surviving Death’ Season 2 Netflix Release Date?

Surviving Death, a docuseries directed by Ricki Stern is based on a book by Leslie Kean.

The TV show examines different ways people have experienced the idea that death isn’t the end of life. Also, the first season, which was released on Jan. 6, 2021, had entered Netflix’s Daily Top 10 joining other hits like Bridgerton, History of Swear Words, Cobra Kai, and Lupin.

What is ‘Surviving Death’ about?

“Using scientific research and real-life accounts from those with near-death experiences, the docuseries addresses several common issues and questions that relate to life after death, from what it truly means to die to whether reincarnation is real. However, unlike what the title may suggest, the goal isn’t to make people believe in the afterlife and paranormal activity. It actually takes a more journalistic approach, considering the facts and multiple viewpoints that allow the viewers to make their own conclusions by the end.”

According to The Guardian, Kean talked about the series, “We can’t answer the questions. We don’t try to do that in the series. But it’s about [the possibility that] there is something that happens after we die. Maybe death isn’t the end.”

In addition to appearances from Leslie Kean, the doc’s cast also has some experts and writers, including Dr. Bruce Greyson, Chris Roe, PH.D., Peter Fenwick, MD, and Deborah Blum. The film was directed by Ricki Stern, who’s best known for The Trials of Darryl Hunt and The Devil Came on Horseback.

When is the Release Date of Season 2 on Netflix?

If there is another chapter to be published, the earliest date for season 2 could be assumed to premiere at some point in 2022.

There is no trailer for Surviving Death season 2 yet. If more news comes out regarding whether or not it is going to happen we will surely let you viewers know! If you already haven’t checked the show out you can watch the trailer and then make a choice!

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