When is the Good Girls season 4 release date?

When is the Good Girls season 4 release date?

Good Girls season 3 has finally released on Netflix on February 16th, 2021, and made the anticipation of its fans for season 4 raised very high. The hit crime comedy has acclaimed with its season 3 to an all-time high along with receiving top-tier scores from critics. Its well-handled narrative and full of laugh scenes are making Good Girls a must-watch series, no doubt. So we gathered all about Good Girls Season 4 for you including its release date, cast, synopsis, and more down below.

After the final events of season 3, it’s no shocker that fans already started to wait eagerly for Good Girls season 4. Desperate suburban housewives in cash-struck risk their everything for a one-time heist. But there is usually not such a one-time thing, right? So they suddenly find themselves in a life of crime, which makes us laugh all the time but also makes us sitting on the edge of our seats with thrill.

Even though the series made us laugh in tears and gathered a huge fan group, things didn’t seem well for an upcoming run of it for a while. But then NBC determined that there is still a lot of definite need for series, thankfully. So they allowed the cast to announce that Good Girls season 4 is officially happening. It’s obvious that the talented cast is also eager for fans to watch the upcoming season, as much as we do. That is another proof for the new season will not disappoint fans at all.

Cast members of the show

We will watch the elder season’s main three characters of the Good Girls: Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland, Retta as Ruby Hill, and Mae Whitman as Annie Marks. The rest of the main cast members for certain includes Mathew Lillard as Dean Boland, Manny Montana as Rio, Lauren Lapkus as Agent Phoebe Donnegan, and Reno Wilson as Stan Hill.

On the other hand, Jonathan Silverman might join the cast as a Secret Service member Dave, which is a recurring role. And to further, it is possible that we will see familiar and new faces in the upcoming season. 

Good Girls Season 4 Synopsis

There hasn’t been an official synopsis to come yet. But if we consider what happened at the end of Good Girls season 3, we might guess what is also ahead of us on season 4.

The third season ended with Phoebe having the edge on Ruby, Annie, and Beth after she got Ruby’s phone. This is probably where Good Girls season 4 will start, but there is no further guess what might happen next yet. But however, we won’t need to wait for much longer to find out.

When will Good Girls Season 4 release?

Season 4 is set to premiere on NBC on March 7, 2021, at 10 p.m. So if the release schedule will be as season 3. We can guess that it will release on Netflix on March 7th, 2022.

There is not a new trailer for the upcoming season yet. But considering the premiere date of the Good Girls Season 4, it will come mostly in a few weeks, we suppose.  Until we got more news, you might want to look and remember more about the season 3 synopsis and more of the series. Also, you can watch the season 3 trailer below!

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