When is the Behind Her Eyes season 2 release date?

When is the Behind Her Eyes season 2 release date?

Behind Her Eyes has just released on February 17th, 2021! The fan’s high expectations for season 2 has already started. The passionate affair and evil secrets have gotten you worried about what will happen next, right? Will there be a season 2 of Behind Her Eyes? Here is everything we know about the Behind Her Eyes season 2 release date!

What’s the synopsis of the ‘Behind Her Eyes’ series?

Behind Her Eyes is a series that revolves around Louise, who is a single mother that has an affair with her boss. Besides her love life, Louise is in a development stage of being friends with her forbidden lover’s wife. There are many twists and turns going around in the series and the love triangle is a bit hard to understand. This mini-series also includes 6 episodes and is the tv series version of a novel that has the same name. If you are a viewer who hasn’t read the book yet, then the situations in the series will probably be more complex for you to understand.

Here is the official synopsis from Netflix:

“A single mother enters a world of twisted mind games when she begins an affair with her psychiatrist boss while secretly befriending his mysterious wife.”

Cast members of the series:

  • Simona Brown as Louise
  • Eve Hewson as Adele
  • Tom Bateman as David
  • Robert Aramayo as Rob

When is the release date of ‘Behind Her Eyes’ season 2?

In the final episode of the series, the main character Louise has given us a shock by switching bodies with the person that she thinks she is. The shocking twist didn’t end with a clear explanation for us to understand, so this might be a clue for us to solve before season 2 arrives! Without giving any more spoilers to viewers who haven’t watched it yet, let us dive into the predictions of season 2.

So, the series has just been released on the streaming platform yesterday. This gives us the meaning of not waiting for the second season soon… Since it’s too early to say anything, we will wait for Netflix to make some announcements regarding the mini-series. As mentioned before, the series is a reenactment of the novel of the same name. Looking at the summary of the novel, the series has ended the same way so does this mean that there won’t be a second season? Maybe Netflix and the producers can extend the new season with different subjects since fans have been loving the series already! We will see and hope for the streaming platform to release the second season of Behind Her Eyes.

Here is the series trailer in case you haven’t watched it yet.

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