Watch These Animes Similar to Cowboy Bepop on Netflix

Watch These Animes Similar to Cowboy Bepop on Netflix

Cowboy Bebop is a fan favorite and always will be, but once you have binged the anime, you want something to fill the void. This can be too much to ask for, considering the high standards set by the show. Fans are searching for animes like Cowboy Bebop on Netflix as they can’t wait for the live-action adaptation.

Quirky characters, great storyline, action, and animation: everything you want from an anime, all of it is in Cowboy Bebop. Therefore, animes like Cowboy Bebop are rare to find, but we have found the select few, which might be close.

Bungo Stray Dogs

The Armed Detective Agency members attempt to protect Yokohama in this series. At the center of the anime is Atsushi Nakajima, who teams up with others endowed with mystical powers to complete various tasks, such as running a business, solving mysteries, and completing mafia missions.

Bungo Stray Dog has way more of the comedic relief than Cowboy Bebop, but this doesn’t derail the character-driven anime. The anime also captures the noir vibe, just like Cowboy Bebop.


A society wherein the government measures a person’s mental state and the criminal potential of their personality. The government documents all kinds of tendencies. One’s PSYCHO-PASS is a typical term for the measured numbers used in grading people’s minds. The plot revolves around two inspectors attempting to apprehend Shogo Makishima, who is immune to the system and whose psycho pass does not rise.

The main protagonist makes or breaks the deal for any anime. Fans also relate to grey protagonists or characters because they are imperfect. Psycho-Pass perfectly captures the dystopian sci-fi setting similar to Cowboy Bebop and also has the noir feel to it.


Vash the Stampede, an outlaw with a bounty of $60 million on his head, travels from town to town on a deserted planet named Gunsmoke resembling the Wild West. As he travels around, he has to evade other bounty hunters, who look like cowboys.

Trigun, apart from having the bounty hunters in common, also has the sense of humor to match Cowboy Bebop. Furthermore, the gunfights in this anime are quite exciting.

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Shaman King

Shaman King is about Yoh Asakura, a shaman who serves as a link between the living and the dead worlds. Yoh aspires to be the Shaman King, the one who can communicate with the Great Spirit. Yoh will earn the power to remake the universe in any way they desire, but he must first win the Shaman Fight, combat between contending shamans that occurs once every 500 years.

The comedy and the unique settings make this anime stand out. Shaman King received a reboot in 2021. Fans of occult genre anime like Bleach will enjoy this one too.

Black Lagoon

Until pirates kidnapped him, Rokurou was an ordinary businessman. After a failed bargain, he joins the crew and lives out the rough, but interesting life they appear to enjoy.

The characters in Black Lagoon each have a tragic backstory, but this helps the characters in their development. As we watch the anime, we unknowingly form an emotional bond with the characters.

Have you watched any of these anime? Which of these is your favorite?

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