What’s the Netflix release date of The Walking Dead Season 10?

What’s the Netflix release date of The Walking Dead Season 10?

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows in history. These TV shows originally broadcasted in AMC, The Walking Dead also airs on Netflix? But what is the Netflix release date of The Walking Dead Season 10? Is it coming to Netflix next month?

Is The Walking Dead Season 10 out yet?

The Walking Dead Season 10 actually began on its original broadcasting platform AMC. The first episode of season 10 was released on AMC on October 6th, 2019. The date for the last episode was April 4th, 2021. This date gap was caused because of the production problem of an episode called A Certain Doom. After that 16th episode, AMC announced additional episodes for season 10, and that caused the end of the season on April 4th, 2021.

When is The Walking Dead Season 10 coming to Netflix?

As we’re used to before The Walking Dead seasons come to Netflix in the September period. But for season 10, we can see some changes on The Walking Dead’s Netflix release.

Netflix usually releases The Walking Dead seasons before the AMC airing time for the new season. Since season 11 starts on August 2021 at AMC, the closest date we can get The Walking Dead Season 10 on Netflix is July 2021. But since the pattern change for the official airing of Season 10 this date can be changed or we can see some divided releases for Netflix. Even though there are some guesses and possibilities Netflix remains silent on that topic.

We can say that The Walking Dead Season 10 will release in June 2021. We will need to wait and see the July schedule of Netflix to confirm if it’s coming in July.

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How many episodes in The Walking Dead Season 10?

The Walking Dead Season 10 was originally planned to contain 16 episodes. After the change of plans season, 10 made the season finale with episode 22. Here are the official episode names for The Walking Dead Season 10 :

  • “Lines We Cross”
  • “We Are the End of the World”
  • “Ghosts”
  • “Silence the Whisperers”
  • “What It Always Is”
  • “Bonds”
  • “Open Your Eyes”
  • “The World Before”
  • “Squeeze”
  • “Stalker”
  • “Morning Star”
  • “Walk with Us”
  • “What We Become”
  • “Look at the Flowers”
  • “The Tower”
  • “A Certain Doom”
  • “Home Sweet Home”
  • “Find Me”
  • “One More”
  • “Splinter”
  • “Diverged”
  • “Here’s Negan”

What is the synopsis of The Walking Dead season 10?

Here is the official synopsis for AMC one of the most popular series The Walking Dead season 10:

“With the Whisperer War upon them, the collective communities must come together and possibly sacrifice all they have to find a way to silence the Whisperers once and for all.”

Is The Walking Dead leaving Netflix?

There are some theories about The Walking Dead leaving Netflix. This was mainly caused after the show’s departure in some countries such as the UK and Australia. But that doesn’t seem the case for the US at least for now.

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