Why Fiddler’s Green, Gault and Other Denizens of the Dreaming Need to Start a Revolution Against ‘The Sandman’

Why Fiddler’s Green, Gault and Other Denizens of the Dreaming Need to Start a Revolution Against ‘The Sandman’

If every comic book adaptation turns out like The Sandman after 32 years of waiting, then wait away creators. A masterclass in cinematic aesthetics, its stunning imagery is a sight for sore eyes. From the world-building, the narrative pace, and the performances, the on-screen recreation of the comic books was nothing short of perfection. The show, while being its own beast, also pays a true tribute to Neil Gaiman’s source material.

Surely most of the fans like us devoured all the ten episodes in a day and now don’t know what to do till season two. So, in true geek fashion, let’s pick apart the season, take it out of context, and create fun fake scenarios. Mortals know that The Waking world is a complete travesty, but Morpheus’s The Dreaming is no paradise either. Especially to his creations and employees. ‘The Sandman’ might be the Dream, but he is a complete nightmare for a ruler.

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Long live revolution against The Sandman

Of course, being the king of dreams is no easy feat. Particularly if one were imprisoned for almost a century. Morpheus’s trauma and PTSD are completely justified. However, his treatment of his employees was sub-par at best and inexcusable. Honestly, they should unite and revolt against him. Or at least form a union and present a list of demands before him,

Lucienne probably had no training to run the place in Dream’s absence. The poor librarian did her absolute best with little to no appreciation from her boss when he returned. Instead, all he did was whine about the state of his kingdom. He even indirectly banished her back to the library the second they had a difference of opinions.

Then there was the case of the runaway arcana. Created to torment humanity as a nightmare, Gault saw the flaw in the system when dealing with Jed Walker. She empathized with his abusive reality and decided that he needed some solace, even if it was in his dreams. And some thanks she got! Dream dissolves her into the abyss and only corrects his error in the last episode.

Fiddler’s Green just wanted a vacation. The kind-hearted landscape even ended up helping the Dream Vortex while on holiday. The Sandman could’ve avoided so many grievances by just allotting adequate personal and vacation days and sick leaves. Of course, The Corinthian is an exception to the rule. While we rejoiced at his ultimate defeat; we question his creation in the first place.

And don’t even get us started on Gregory the Gargoyle. It is completely unacceptable to show up out of the blue after a century and subsume your subject’s pet. Also, shouldn’t Dream have some supervision while he experiments? He unleased an eyeball-chomping daymare on the world. And that terror inspired generations of serial killers, for crying out loud.

Granted, Morpheus rectified several of his ways by the end of season one. But shouldn’t there be some consequences to his actions? A revolution is what The Dreaming needs. And now that we know Dream is capable of change, an uprising might just give him the extra push to expedite the process.

Do you think Morpheus has the potential to be a better employer? Let us know in the comments after you re-watch The Sandman now streaming on Netflix.

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