‘Stranger Things’ Fans Already Have a Show Lined Up in the Netflix Top 10 to Stream Next

‘Stranger Things’ Fans Already Have a Show Lined Up in the Netflix Top 10 to Stream Next

Did binge-watching Stranger Things 4: Volume 2 leave a mystery-shaped hole in your heart? The Netflix algorithm might just have the right series to satiate all the conspiracy chasers in the house! Hosted by our very own Captain Kirk AKA William Shatner, The UnXplained Netflix is a newly released, non-fiction documentary series that has already crept its way to the TOP 10.

One reason shows such as Stranger Things do well, apart from the high production value, is their convoluted storylines. It keeps the audience hooked. Similarly, The UnXplained takes you through the absurd, mysterious, and inscrutable occurrences that have confounded the world for decades. Stranger Things fans especially are super excited about this show, as is evident from several tweets.

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What is The UnXplained on Netflix about?

From the origins of the pyramids to the possibility of the afterlife to cursed artifacts; the series has something for everyone and is sure to scratch your itch. In every episode, an expert, a historian, a witness, or a scientist contributes compelling commentary. Each one of them is explicitly trying to provide insight into the possibility of the seemingly impossible.

The show also examines some of the world’s most haunted places and debates whether practices like exorcism and voodoo are more than just myths. Furthermore, the series investigates cults, catastrophic premonitions, lost civilizations, and unexplained abilities in animals. And all of this barely scratches the surface!

The UnXplained began in 2019 and was first aired on the History Channel. As reported in Comicbook, The History Channel illustrates the show as “a one-hour, non-fiction series that explores the world’s most fascinating, strange, and inexplicable mysteries…”. The fourth season of the show wrapped up in March of this year on the History Channel.

Netflix, on the other hand, has only released the first season of the show, comprising 16 episodes. Showing early success and presently on the number 6 spot, the streamer is likely to release more episodes soon. There are also speculations of season 5 of The UnXplained on Netflix, provided the show does well in the streaming giant. However, there are no confirmations regarding the same.

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Genres of Stranger Thing vs The UnXplained

Multiple storylines, non-linear narratives, haunted structures, people with superhuman abilities, and monsters. These are just some features that make sci-fi shows like Stranger Things so popular. The audience enjoys watching content that is out of the ordinary. However, as they say, truth is stranger than fiction. The UnXplained tries to demystify these exact stranger truths that have been out there for centuries.

Whether it is the peculiar 27 Club, mysterious Florida Coral Castle, the cursed ‘White City’ of Honduras, or unexplained possessions, at times, the answers will fit together perfectly, like a puzzle, while at other times, it would be more open-ended. For many viewers, the aspect of reality in a story is a real selling point. Add to that the cinematic value of unusual events like Stranger Things, and we’ve got a winner.

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For those in the dark, Netflix has its own series, which is a reboot of the Uber-popular Unsolved Mysteries. In 2020, a new take on the beloved investigation series premiered, which earned two seasons and may have a third. It will be interesting to see the two shows falling under a similar genre coexist harmoniously on the platform. 

It’s undeniable from the IMDb reviews of The UnXplained so far convey that the show covers a lot of ground. However, the audience will decide if the reviews meet their opinions. Whether you’re in it to quench your curiosity or to binge it ironically, this mystery show with a high production value has all the ingredients to be an enjoyable watch. At least until Stranger Things 5! What do you think?

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