‘Phantom Thread’ Is Now On Netflix–Check Reviews, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And More

‘Phantom Thread’ Is Now On Netflix–Check Reviews, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And More

Nowadays, it is hard to come across a good sophisticated romantic drama. Netflix appeals to the viewer’s diverse taste by introducing niche movies and TV shows. The latest in its long line of classic movies is the Phantom Thread, written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Other than its classy title, adding to the movie’s charisma is its lead actor, Daniel Day-Lewis. The three-time Oscar winner plays the role of Reynolds Woodcock, a renowned fashion designer. He has marked this film as the last piece of his legendary career before retiring from the industry. ‘Phantom Thread’ is now streaming on Netflix. Will it turn out to be the cinematic masterpiece you have been looking for?

The Fabric of Love sewn by a compassionate thread

Set in 1955, glamor engulfs post-war London like a wildfire. A genius fashion designer, along with his sister, is at the heart of British fashion. Be it movie stars, heiresses, royalties, or British aristocrats, everyone is draped in the brand and unique vision of The House of Woodcock. 

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Reynolds Woodcock lives a life of royalty, living in a marvelous five-story London townhouse which also is his workplace. Furthermore, he possesses artistic nature oozes out of the character, showcasing passion towards his work, embracing and admiring beauty every step of his way. 

The middle-aged British fashion designer is quite the womanizer. Having a certain charm and a sense of aura around him, the posh London ladies come and go out of his life as he pleases, until he mingles with a young woman, Alma, who waits on him in the restaurant of a seaside hotel. As they gaze upon each other, a sudden burst of compassion and comfort fills the air. One look is enough for Alma to know that this man shares the same zest for life as her. Woodcock finds his scheduled and delicately crafted life to be deranged by love as this meet creates an idyllic image of their future.

‘Phantom Thread’ Netflix Reviews and Cast

‘Phantom Thread’ is a highly critically acclaimed film. Here are some reviews of the same:

One of the best pictures of the year” by LOS ANGELES TIMES

“Wildly inventive and perversely funny,” says Peter Travers from ROLLING STONE

“Phantom Thread is absolutely intoxicating,” says Jamie Righetti from INDIEWIRE

Let’s see how the fans have reacted to this artistic ensemble:

Meanwhile, some applauded the performance by Daniel Day-Lewis:

The cast includes the phenomenal three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis as Reynolds Woodcock, Vicky Krieps as Alma Elson, Leslie Manville as Cyril Woodcock, and Camile Rutherford as Johanna.

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I would recommend opening a glass of wine and indulging yourself in a romantic British drama to perceive a blissfully tailored story by Paul Thomas Anderson.

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