What to Watch Next on Netflix if You Like the Korean Drama, ‘Business Proposal’?

What to Watch Next on Netflix if You Like the Korean Drama, ‘Business Proposal’?

The hottest trending drama, Business Proposal is only weeks away from ending. Starring, Abyss’ star, Ahn Hyo Seop and School 2017‘s alum, Kim Sejeong, the drama has hit the sweet spot of KDrama lovers with its familiar tropes and great comedic elements. If you are preparing in advance for the big Business Proposal hole in your life that this drama will make once it finishes airing, we have come to your aid. Here are a few recommendations from our side, to sink your teeth in.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

One of the strongest appeals of Business Proposal is its workplace antics. It’s a classic romantic tale between a rich CEO and a poor employee. Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young’s drama is yet another office romance. A narcissistic chaebol (CEO) finds it impossible to let go of his secretary of 9 years. Will love bloom? Find out for yourself by streaming What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?.

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The Master’s Sun

Old but gold! Romcom queen, Gong Hyo Jin returns with So Ji Sub for a paranormal romance. It’s highly rated on IMDb, scoring 8.2/10. Gong Hyo Jin can see ghosts after an accident. Ji Sub has a dark past. As the duo work together, quite obviously the two fall in love. Scares are light, and it’s helluva fun in The Master’s Sun.

She Was Pretty

Here’s another workplace romance because we can’t get enough of Business Proposal. Although body-shaming is not cool, if you turn your brain off, you’ll enjoy the ride that She Was Pretty is. Kim Hye In is insecure about her looks and tries to hide from her childhood friend Ji Sung Jin. In an interesting turn, she finds out that her childhood friend is her boss! Oh, and Park Seo Joon plays the boss.

I’m Not a Robot

Sometimes, when you add a little SciFi twist to a KDrama it makes it all more romantic. I’m Not a Robot is straightaway a fluffy romance. The protagonist, Kim Min Kyu, is again a rich investor, but with a human allergy. Since he cannot bond with humans, he starts connecting with a robot, Aji-3. But little does he know that the robot is actually a human girl, Jo Ji Ah.

Well, we are waiting for coming Monday (yes, you read that right) to stream the new Business Proposal episode. We are sure, you are as well. Don’t forget to update you ‘My List’ with these four Kdramas for a fun binge.

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