Sad Animes on Netflix That Will Have You Reach for Tissues

Sad Animes on Netflix That Will Have You Reach for Tissues

Some anime shows will really make you tear your eyes out, while others will leave you with a bleak sense of desolation inside. Even some of the most popular anime, such as Naruto, can give you shivers with their tragic, heartfelt moments. So, if you’ve been watching anime for a while, you’re probably aware that it has some unsettling elements that stick with you for a long time. And Netflix has no shortage of sad and depressing animes.

So why not watch something emotional for your next movie night? Here is a complete list of the best sad animes you can watch on Netflix.

Most depressing and sad animes available on Netflix

Japan Sinks: 2020

Pyeon-Gang Ho and Masaaki Yuasa direct the drama film Japan Sinks: 2020. The story follows the calm Mutou family, whose existence is turned upside down when an earthquake smashes the whole Japanese island, leaving them to fend for themselves. As civilization crumbles around them, Japanese men, women, and children must take to extraordinary measures to guarantee their survival.

Flavors of Youth

Flavors of Youth is an animated film broken into three segments. Each chapter begins with a new place and explores the basic delights of life via timeless tales of love and sensuous recollections. This anthology incorporates various elements of Chinese culture with great graphics that will mostly appeal to a Chinese audience. Nonetheless, its ideas about the fleeting essence of life will be applicable to everybody throughout the world.

A.I.C.O Incarnation

A.I.C.O Incarnation is unlike any other anime on this list. It’s an exciting sci-fi adventure that is a new addition to Netflix’s growing collection of anime originals. It takes place in the year 2035 and focuses on an occurrence known as the Burst, which has a significant impact on the lives of various individuals.

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Aiko Tachibana, who is now wheelchair-bound, is still grieving the death of her family as a result of the tragedy two years later. But everything she thought she knew about herself and the incident changes when a transfer called Yuuya tells her the truth about what occurred.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

After a strong demon mercilessly murders Tanjirou Kamado’s family, only her sister, who is now a demon, survives. The industrious and loving young adult now has just two aims in life: to rehabilitate her sister and avenge the deaths of his loved ones. Tanjirou faces new obstacles when he joins the Demon Slayer Corps, which eloquently captures his belief in friendship and fraternity. What actually distinguishes Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is that it humanizes even the baddies, some of whom have harrowing backstories.

A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice boasts some of the most magnificent images and sounds, in addition to a fantastic, inspiring tale. The severe and gloomy subjects it addresses will undoubtedly make your heart skip a beat. Finally, it may cause you to evaluate your own relationships with individuals from your past and present.

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All of these titles are currently available on Netflix? So watch them and let us know your favorite among them.

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