Need More Ana de Armas Before ‘Blonde’? Stream Her 2019 Crime Thriller on Netflix Now

Need More Ana de Armas Before ‘Blonde’? Stream Her 2019 Crime Thriller on Netflix Now

The talented actress Ana de Armas recently showed her stunt skills in The Russo Brothers’ movie called The Gray Man. Ana as the CIA agent, Dani Miranda, fights a good fight in the movie. Soon, we are going to see Ana as Marilyn Monroe in the Netflix biopic Blonde. However, before that comes out, if you want to see more of Ana de Armas, you can stream this crime thriller that she is a part of.

See more of Ana de Armas in this crime thriller from 2019

The Gray Man actress has portrayed many diverse characters throughout her career. Soon, we will see her in another beautifully strong character of Marilyn Monroe. But till September 28, you can watch Armas in a crime thriller film called The Informer. The movie is based on the novel Three Seconds by Roslund & Hellström. It stars Joel Kinnaman, alongside Rosamund Pike, Common, Ana de Armas, and Clive Owen. Warner Bros. released the film on 30 August 2019 in the United Kingdom. The film received a limited release on 6 November 2020 in the United States by Vertical Entertainment and Redbox Entertainment.

Recently, Netflix shared the news that the movie is available on its platform.

The FBI recruits an ex-con and a former special operations soldier named Pete Koslow. He uses his covert skills to take down the General, the most powerful crime boss in New York. When a sting operation results in the death of an undercover cop, Pete suddenly finds himself caught in the crossfire between the mob and the FBI. Pete has to go back to prison forcefully. He must come up with a plan to escape from the clutches of the law and the General to save himself and his family. He is ready to go to any length to save his family. Will he be able to save them? Is he going to be caught? To find the answers, you must watch the movie and see for yourself.

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Overall, the film received a positive response and has an approval rating of 63% from Rotten Tomatoes. IMDb rated the movie 6.6/10 and Vudu gave it 4.2/5.

Stream the movie here and share your reviews with us in the comment box.

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