‘Cheer’ Season 2 Tops Netflix US Charts- Watch these Similar Cheer Shows And Movies Like ‘Cheer’ On OTTs

‘Cheer’ Season 2 Tops Netflix US Charts- Watch these Similar Cheer Shows And Movies Like ‘Cheer’ On OTTs

It seems like fans also cheered the cheerleaders of Netflix’s Cheer as they won the Daytona cup in April 2019. However, the season 2 finale of this docuseries left us on tenterhooks as the competition takes an unexpected turn. Unfortunately, Netflix is yet to announce season 3 of the show. While we wait for it, we have covered all the best shows and movies like Cheer from Netflix and other platforms to binge-watch and beat the funky mood.

Cheer squad

Netflix’s Cheer Squad is a ten-season show that follows the life of the world champion cheerleading squad, Great White Shark as they keep in motion amidst the pressure of training, school, and relationship. This is a brief series without any likely follow-up seasons, but it is still amusing.

Although this show is not as intense as Cheer, it will surely provide more content to the fans of this sport. There is appreciably fair play and team spirit. There’s also a lot of teen drama including anxiety, hockey-boy crushes, and whatnot. Despite all of it, coach Ali Moffat is always there to get the best from her girls, physically and mentally.

Bring It On

This movie series is a story of two cheerleading groups going against each other. The Toro cheerleading squad from Rancho Crane High School in San Diego is dedicated and spirited. If you are a big fan of Cheer, going back to the 2000s world of cheerleading on amazon is highly recommended.

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United Skates

In the USA, skating is taken to amazing heights and is a great night out idea with friends and family. Focusing on the dying numbers of skating parks, the film looks at the black communities who live and breathe skating. They love the challenge, create styles, camaraderie, and music, but that often brings them into conflict with owners who won’t host them as they only seem to want “apple pie” family skaters.

United Skates also showcases jaw-dropping moves like Cheer. Stream the series on HBO Now.

UConn: March to Madness

Handwork and dedication are the core of any sport, and this docuseries is the face of it. UConn is the best women’s basketball team in the NCAA. In this docuseries, they are chasing their fifth championship title in the row. Like Cheer, March to madness also makes us realize that with proper discipline and optimism, one can conquer anything.

Watch UConn: March to madness on Amazon Prime.

Last Chance U

Dear fans of football, this is Cheer for you! Last Chance U, like Cheer, also follows young athletes who have a last chance to prove themselves. It involves a group of young men training to be the future face of NFL. These players are all extraordinary talented but they also go through their own personal dilemmas.

This documentary has two seasons so far. While in the first one, these boys bring the trophy home; everything goes wrong because of them in the second. Watch it on Netflix.

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Dare Me

While there are countless docuseries, movies, and more to add to the likes of Cheer, our list’s last one is USA Todays’ Dare Me. This T.V. drama is also about cheerleading based on the book by Meghan Abbott. This thriller depicts a story about the life of competitive cheerleaders. Their lives take a dark turn when a shocking crime takes place. You watch this show on Netflix.

Dare me with all the shows and movies like Cheer on Netflix and other platforms are enough to help you manage your Cheer season 2 side effects.

Have you watched any of these? Let us know in the comment section which one cheered you the most.

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