Best Zombie Movies on Netflix – Find Here the Hidden Gems to Stream Right Now

Best Zombie Movies on Netflix – Find Here the Hidden Gems to Stream Right Now

There is nothing better than a thrill ride and a little fear of a zombie apocalypse. Like zombies, the craze for movies starring them is undead as well even when we have left behind Halloween long back. Zombie movies on Netflix are a literal treat and also in abundance, so much so that you may just be confused about which one to watch. But that’s where we come in.

While you have plenty of movies to choose from, if you are someone who loves zombie movies, you’d know how not all of them are that great. From movies filled with adventure to movies that have a hint of paranoia or even black comedy in them, Netflix offers you everything, and we are here to introduce you to some of these hidden gems.

Army of the Dead

Set in the Sin City of Las Vegas, Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead is an absolute fun ride. The movie includes an organized zombie army, a heist, an Area 51 blunder, fear of being bombed, and much more. This movie definitely deserves to be on your list of zombie movies.


The Korean movie #Alive is a new take on the long-running zombie genre of movies. What would happen when a 21st-century guy is locked in a home with a computer and basic food while people around him turn into cannibals? The question is answered in this rather groundbreaking movie, something that everyone will love to watch at least once on Netflix.


What happens when a small family of three has to survive against an entire area of the undead? Well, grab your popcorn and find out as you watch Cargo. The film follows a man, his wife, and his baby daughter trying to survive together before the woman turns into a zombie and it is just the guy and his daughter. A movie that truly makes you understand the meaning of hope, Cargo is one of the Zombie movies Netflix has to offer.


If you looking for a family-friendly zombie movie, ParaNorman is what you need. The animated movie is about an 11-year-old boy and his ritualistic spell that doesn’t really work out. The story follows the boy and his town as it gets overrun by zombies. A tale that perfectly combines horror and comedy, it is a movie that you must check out with your family on a weekend.

Doom: Annihilation

Who doesn’t love a sci-fi movie that even touches the zombie genre? Doom: Annihilation is the perfect movie if you love a mixture of both; set on the partisan moon Phobos, it follows a group of scientists who have turned into really scary monsters. Well, not technically a zombies movie, but the monsters are just as scary, if not more. Maybe you should watch it yourself.

It Comes at Night

Being one of the best zombie movies Netflix offers, you may not find the classic horde of zombies running behind people in a forest in It Comes at Night, but you sure are in for a treat. It is a story of two families trying to survive an apocalypse, living secluded in the forest. This psychological thriller is what you need for a fantastic time. From trusting each other to literally being ready to kill them, too, this story will leave you yearning for more.


Similar to It Comes at Night, Only also deals with the human reaction to a global apocalypse. After a mysterious comet kills almost all the women on the planet; a young couple lives out in quarantine trying to survive the aftermath. But the government is hunting down females in search of answers. The movie is dripping with mystery and dread, along with a struggle for survival—a perfect movie for you to binge on.

Do you have any more zombie movies that you would like to suggest? Let us know in the comments below.

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