Best Tyler Perry Movies on Netflix for You to Binge Right Now

Best Tyler Perry Movies on Netflix for You to Binge Right Now

The famed writer, director, and producer Tyler Perry is credited with popularizing the character of Madea, a tough elderly woman in the Madea franchise. However, he has been part of several acclaimed projects. With Perry reprising his role as Madea again, here are four top Tyler Perry movies on Netflix that you can watch.

A Madea Homecoming 

The latest Tyler Perry movie debuted on Netflix on February 25. Amidst a string of crime shows on the platform, Tyler brings back the witty and funny character of Madea again to the delight of the fans. Tyler had initially come to a decision to retire the character in 2019. However, he chose to make a comeback to give audience something to chuckle over. A Madea Homecoming will see Madea visiting his great-grandson to celebrate his graduation.

Things don’t go as planned as family secrets come to the surface one by one, as you will see when you stream the movie. Madea always takes it upon herself to save her grandson’s graduation party. Along with Tyler, several other original cast members will be reprising their roles, making it one of the must-watch Tyler Perry movies to watch on Netflix.

Brain on Fire 

Gerard Barrett’s biographical drama, Brain on Fire stars Cholë Grace Moretz in the lead as Susannah Cahalan. It follows the story of a cub reported at the New York Post. Cahalan was doing fine until she started experiencing mysterious blackouts. Doctors failed to diagnose her correctly. Some misdiagnosed her as bipolar and schizophrenic. But, it was Souhel Najjar who finally found out about her real illness. Perry plays the role of Richard, and you will love him s you stream this movie.

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Gone Girl 

The 2014 highest-grossing David Fincher’s Gone Girl also stars Tyler Perry. Based on Gillian Flynn’s novel of the same name, it is about a toxic relationship between a husband and a wife. We are introduced to a cheating husband Nick Dunne, (Ben Affleck) who becomes the number one suspect in his wife’s missing case. Stream the movie to know what happens next.

Don’t Look Up

The ensemble black comedy has. 7.2 rating on IMDb. Starring the highest-billed actors in Hollywood, Don’t Look Up is a satire about the current political scenario and the media’s unbothered attitude towards the climate crisis. It follows two astronomers desperately trying to warn the people about an approaching catastrophe. Will they stop the comet? Stream the movie to know.

A Fall from Grace

A Fall from Grace is Tyler Perry’s first movie in association with Netflix. Tyler acts as a producer, writer, and director for this Netflix movie. It has a gripping court case and a dangerous love affair at the center of it. Know what happens next by streaming the show.

So, there you go. Five Tyler Perry movies that you can binge on Netflix this weekend. You can thank us later or comment down below your suggestions.

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