Best Korean Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now

Best Korean Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now

Korean filmmakers might not have received fame in the past, but now they are the talk of the town, especially after hits like Parasite. While true-crime and satire genres have been recently ruling the screens, fans forget that horror is the genre that Korean filmmakers aced in the past. We have made a concise list of the best Korean horror movies on Netflix. So, if you have the guts to watch, then choose from our spooky list.

The Call

Seo-Yeon discovers an old phone after misplacing hers in her grandmother’s house. The old phone can only call Young-sook, a young woman who lived in the same house in 1999.

Seo-Yeon seeks to protect the endangered Young-sook from dangers she does not know. A British and Puerto Rican film titled The Caller inspired this South Korean film.

The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

This witch might not have supernatural powers, but she has superhuman powers. Designed to be a killing machine, Ja-yoon escapes from a government facility at a young age. But, destiny has other plans as Ja-yoon reunites with her old foes after appearing on a television show.

If you have binged Itaewon Class you can’t miss this as Kim Da-mi stars in this film. Although this isn’t a horror film, the gore and action will confuse you.

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Jin-seok investigates the truth behind his brother’s unusual abduction when his brother returns, seemingly a different man with no memory of the previous 19 days.

The movie has covered a plethora of different genres, from thriller to sci-fi. One might think that many genres will create a mess, but the writer and director have pulled it off.

The 8th Night

With prayer beads in one hand and an ax in the other, a monk hunts down a thousand-year-old demon that is possessing humans and unleashing havoc on Earth.

The characters in this movie are well-written with good backstories, and the synergy between the characters also propels this movie.


A zombie apocalypse forces a video game live streamer to stay alone in his Seoul apartment, but he soon finds out he isn’t alone as he meets another survivor. Yoo Ah-in plays the lead role of Oh Joon-woo, and the actor has given one of his best performances in the movie.

Based on a Hollywood screenplay by Matt Naylor titled Alone. Tyler Posey has starred in the English adaptation of this movie which wasn’t as successful as #Alive.

Svaha: The Sixth Finger

Pastor Park investigates the mysterious Deer Mount cult, while a police captain learns that his murder suspect may be a member of the same cult.

We know the ease with which Koreans pull off a crime investigation drama, and to add the horror genre to it is a welcome experiment. Need another reason to watch? Well, you got one. You can watch Squid Game‘s beloved 256 in an interesting role in this flick.

Do you think we missed any Korean horror movies on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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