5 Things You Did Not Know About ‘Mean Girls’ (2004) Featuring Lindsay Lohan, Now Streaming on Netflix

5 Things You Did Not Know About ‘Mean Girls’ (2004) Featuring Lindsay Lohan, Now Streaming on Netflix

Let us ride down our memory lane where we loved high school, when we saw bullies and stood up against them. To the time when being mean was fashion. Yes, you got it right. We are talking about a movie that represents that kind of culture, which is sorted out in the end. Netflix has brought Mean Girls to its platform, and we’re here with these fun facts you might not know.

5 fun facts about Mean Girls on Netflix!

Netflix is expanding its reach worldwide. Hence, it is also adding evergreen movies to its library and taking us back to that time. Mean Girl (2004) is one of them. Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey, Johnathan Bannet, etc., star in the film directed by Mark Waters. Also, did you know that Tina Fey wrote the movie? Well, it is now streaming on Netflix. Let’s look at some fun things you didn’t know about.

  • In November 2009, Mariah Carey put out the song ‘Obsessed‘. Did you know in the song, there is a famous line by Regina George? She said, “Why are you so obsessed with me?” And Mariah opens her song with this famous dialogue.

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  • Have you ever thought about having a Mean Girls Day? Well, if you haven’t, let us tell you that the day already exists. Fans have officially declared 3rd October as “National Mean Girls Day”. Lacey Chabert plays Gretchen in the movie. Her nephew was born on that day, hence, this national day. Who knew the movie would be this loved?
  • The Plastics have several symbolic moments to represent their plastic-like characters. One of them was in the scene where the Plastics first asked Cady to sit with them at lunch.

Happy Mean Girls Day! Here are some ways to celebrate the day - Deseret News

All three girls are eating the exact same thing. A sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes in a plastic container and Perrier water with a white straw.

  • There are always these small details that we miss while following the story. One such moment is at 58:13 just after entering Cady’s party, Regina is wearing a dark-colored pair of sweatpants. Then at 1:00:11, during the same party, the color of her pants is different. It is a light-colored pair of jeans. Isn’t it surprising that we missed that?

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  • The movie has many references to sexual content, nudity and teen partying. Well. the scene where Cady walks in on Jason and Gretchen kissing at her party differs from the first draft of the script. Originally, she walked in on Gretchen performing oral sex (nothing graphic) on Jason. However, they subsequently cut it from the final print in order to achieve a PG-13 rating.

Many more fun facts are there about the movie and the actors. However, it is our favorite drama. Have you noticed these things while watching the flick? Share your views and favorite scenes with us.

Watch Here: Mean Girls (2004)

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