5 Reasons to Watch the Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy Starrer ‘Dunkirk’ (2017), Directed by Christopher Nolan, Streaming Now on Netflix

5 Reasons to Watch the Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy Starrer ‘Dunkirk’ (2017), Directed by Christopher Nolan, Streaming Now on Netflix

There are few directors who have a distinct style to their films. And Christopher Nolans has to be one of them. The guy has genuinely taken the cinematic medium of communication to the next level, and his movies are really one to wait for. One of Nolan’s somewhat underrated film is Dunkirk. The film set in World War II does not delve deep into the high sciences that Nolan is renowned for. However, the movie is a beauty in itself, and now that Dunkirk is coming to Netflix, you cannot miss it.

So here are five reasons why you should watch Dunkirk when it lands on Netflix

1. Amazing storytelling

Dunkirk is based on the actual events that took place during World War II. When 400,000 British soldiers were trapped like fish in a barrel on the coast of France and were trying to go home, which, while visible, was out of their reach, as German planes were shooting the.

What Nolan does with the story is truly amazing. He shows us the story from three perspectives, The Ground: the perspective of the British soldiers, The Air: British Air Force trying to fight the German planes, and finally, The Water: from the perspective of the people who took out boats to rescue the soldiers.

Nolan and Dutch cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema used different lenses to shoot the three storylines to tell each story differently. And when by the end, all three narratives merge to give a hell of a climax, you cannot help but experience chills down your spine.

Brilliant score by the master

By now, we all know that Nolan plus Hanz Zimmer is the recipe for a great soundtrack, and Dunkirk is a testament to this. The tension of the war. Loss of your comrades and thousand more tragedies is exemplified by one of Hans Zimmer’s best soundtracks ever. It is like Zimmer’s music gives the movie hope and takes it away at a few points throughout the film.

By far the best sound editing in a war film

Sound editing is an underappreciated art of storytelling. We often undermine the power sound has in a film. If a movie is blurry, we can force ourselves to sit through it. However, if we can’t hear a film, we won’t even last a minute. But Nolan is one of the directors who not only understands the power of sound: He tames it and uses it to resonate with the audience.

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In Dunkirk, the sound mixing and editing is done in such a way that whenever a German spitfire shoots, we feel it right in our core. The dropping of bombs and screams are so powerful in the film. Supposedly, war veterans who saw the film experienced PTSD. That’s how realistic the scenes are in the film.

A fine ensemble of actors

Nolan is one of those directors who work with the same actors in films. And the tradition of using Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy continues in this film too. Cillian, as the shipwrecked soldier whose survivor guilt clouds his judgment, is the treat of the film. He gives a thrilling and convincing performance just like we expected him to.

The film has many great actors from Mark Rylance to Sir Kenneth Branagh. But the newcomer Fionn Whitehead is the one with the most screen time. And he does justice to every minute he is onscreen. The film also stars former One Direction singer Harry Styles, so keep an eye out for him.

You never see the enemy coming

One of the ways in which Nolan has created tension throughout the film is that you never get to see the enemy. It is a technique that he borrowed from Lewis Milestone’s All Quiet on the Western Front. We never see the enemy not even when the German infantry comes. This facelessness of the enemy is truly eerie, and you almost want to go and see for yourself as to what the enemy really looks like.

All these techniques just add to the brilliance of Dunkirk.

Be sure to stream the film on Netflix and let us know if you liked the film.

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