5 Crime KDramas That Should Be On Your Watchlist

5 Crime KDramas That Should Be On Your Watchlist

While the nine-part gore survival show, Squid Game became the flag bearer of Kdramas in 2021, you will be surprised to know that there are many more hidden gems in the Kdrama land. A category for which the makers have the recipe down to perfection is crime Kdramas. Fast-paced, mysterious, and brutal, all wrapped within an emotional and layered storyline. Here are 5 crime Kdramas on Netflix, so mind-blowing, that it would be a crime to not watch them.

5 crime kdramas that should be on your watchlist

Here is a list of top-notch crime Kdramas on Netflix ranked in no particular order. From high school students committing serious crimes to a Korean Italian mafia lawyer, crime Kdramas have it all. So without further ado, let’s get started.

5. Extracurricular

Over the course of ten thrill-packed episodes, Extracurricular will follow four students who get caught up in some serious crimes. What started as petty theft earlier, turned into something bigger and life-threatening.

The topper of the school, the bully and her sidekick, and the popular couple, who would have thought that what they would have anything in common is a series of serious crimes.

Although the plot is tried and tested, the moral dilemma that these students go through, and the lengths they go to in order to maintain their image make a chilling watch. Starring Kim Dong Hee, Park Ju Hyun, Jung Da Bin, and Nam Yoon Su in lead roles, this Kdrama also does not lack in the beauty department. Additionally, you can stream or download this crime Kdrama on Netflix.

4. Taxi Driver

While the law is universal, justice is not. Each passing day crimes start to get more brutal. And attaining justice by law is an arduous task. Adapted from the popular webtoon titled The Deluxe Taxi, revolves around Rainbow Taxi, a taxi company that helps those who the law could not protect.

And at the helm of affairs is an honest Special Forces officer who loses faith in law and order after his mother is brutally killed by a serial killer. Just like the viewers, a prosecutor named Ha Na is confused between right and wrong as she investigates the company.

Apart from being incredibly thrilling, Taxi Driver will also make you question what justice truly is. Is it something attainable only through law and order, or is it more of a “tooth for a tooth” concept? This crime Kdrama has two thrilling seasons, packed with a dozen of intriguing cases, which you can stream on Netflix.

3. Beyond Evil

If top-notch had a picture in the dictionary, it would definitely be a Beyond Evil poster. Furthermore, this is not your ordinary crime drama. Mind tricks, power trips, serial killers, and every ingredient needed to cook up a brilliant crime thriller can be found within this Kdrama.

It is not just our opinion, this crime Kdrama swept up three awards at the grand 57th Baeksang Arts Awards. For those of you who do not know, it is the most prestigious award in South Korea. As Yeo Jin Goo and Shin Ha Kyun try to catch a serial killer that went free twenty years ago, they question the people around them and themselves. Therefore, If you like the small quiet town going into chaos after a string of killings, then this will be your cup of tea. Beyond Evil is truly one of the best crime Kdramas you will find on Netflix.

2. The Devil Judge

Amidst the chaos in a dystopian Korea, Kang Yo Han emerges as a messiah. His courtroom is the first ever to go live. Kang Yo Han is ruthless with his punishments, flogging and beheading are normal in his courtroom. He uses the people’s anger to drive propaganda.

What makes things even better is that this Kdrama is written by Moon Yoo Seok, who is a retired judge himself. Furthermore, this Ldrama has unpredictable characters that will have you on the edge of your seat.

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Jung Sun Ah’s character in this series has a separate fanbase of its own. Starring top Hallyu stars such as Ji Sung, Kim Min Jung, Park Jin Young, and Park Min Young, in lead roles, this Kdrama is a must-watch. You can stream it on Netflix.

1. Vincenzo

The 2021 Netflix crime thriller Kdrama about a Korean Italian mafia lawyer, Vincenzo Cassano, is one for the books. How he uses his mafia methods to bring down Babel pharmaceuticals forms the crux of this series.

Joined by Hong Cha Young, a quirky attorney who will do anything to win a case, this power duo wrecks havoc in Korea. Furthermore, Song Joong Ki cursing in Italian while looking dapper in a suit is also a major reason to watch this Kdrama. Evil defeated in mafia style, stream this Kdrama on Netflix.

Have you streamed these series? Which other crime Kdrama would you add to this list? Comment below.

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