3 KDramas Like ‘Business Proposal’ to Watch on Netflix

3 KDramas Like ‘Business Proposal’ to Watch on Netflix

Months have passed by but the Business Proposal withdrawal symptoms are still very much evident. Furthermore, the series was cooked up with comedy, romance, and cliches all in the right amount. Written by Han Sul Hee (Ugly Miss Young Ae) and Hong-Bo Hee (High Kick! The Legend of The Short Legged), the intriguing storyline of the Kdrama had us hooked on the screen every second. Kudos to Park Seon Ho for the brilliant direction in the Kdrama. Given the creative minds behind the romantic comedy-drama, it is no surprise that  Business Proposal topped multiple charts.

Business Proposal was the first ever non-Netflix Original to stay at number one for weeks. Over the course of twelve episodes, the series follows Shin Ha Ri who is a food researcher the massive mishap that leads her to go on a date with her boss. The said boss is a handsome yet work-obsessed Kang Tae Mu being played by Ahn Hyo Seop. On the other hand, her best friend who landed her into all this trouble is now crushing over Kang Tae Mu’s secretary. With all these happening, the Kdrama is a treat for fans.

Kdramas to watch if you love Business Proposal

We could go on and on about how amazing Business Proposal was. However, the Kdrama has ended and will not be coming back for a Season 2 as of the time of publication. So let us tell you Kdramas that are similar to A Business Proposal on Netflix.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

The number of similarities that we can fetch out between Business Proposal and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim will have your head spinning. These dramas are a must-watch if office romance is something that makes your heart flutter. Apart from that, we are sure that the main leads, Kang Tae Moo and Lee Young Joon are brothers in some cinematic universe. Both of them are good-looking, are perfectionists, and have some childhood trauma.

Another similarity between the two shows is that their romance started with a misunderstanding. In What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Lee Young Joon assumes that his secretary likes him because how can she not? Meanwhile in Business Proposal, Shin Ha Ri goes on a date in place of her friend. Thus, this Kdrama is the closest thing to Business Proposal that you will get. Check it out on Netflix.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Business Proposal gets an A+ in every criterion, especially in cuteness. And Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is the brand ambassador of cute Kdramas. Not to mention how the set design, bright colors, and cozy clothes are almost identical in both the Kdramas. Another similarity between the two is how both the Kdramas have quirky female leads.

There are similarities in the way Do Bong Soon says she will put Ahn Min Hyuk’s butt in her mouth and the way Shin Ha Ri goes on about dating many men. Moreover, Ahn Min Hyuk is the CEO and Do Bong Soon is his employee, just like the dynamics between the main couple in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. If you are big on office romance then this Kdrama is a must-watch. The plot of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon revolves around a tiny girl who has supernatural strength.

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No matter how hard she tries, Do Bong Soon is not able to find a job. However, when Ahn Min Hyun who is the CEO of a gaming company sees her beat the hell out of the gangsters, he hires her as his bodyguard. It’s not all cute because Strong Woman Do Bong Soon also has a psychopath on a rampage. Enjoy it on Netflix.


After witnessing the absolute delicacy that Ahn Hyo Seop is, fans are greedy for Ahn Hyo Seop content. A Kdrama that is equal parts cute as Business Proposal and also stars Ahn Hyo Seop as the main lead is Abyss.

Additionally, this is a fantasy Kdrama that follows Go Se Yeon and Cha Min who after dying an untimely death are reincarnated based on their deeds. Go Se Yeon was a top-shot prosecutor known as ‘double kill’ for her beauty and brain. She gets reincarnated into an ordinary-looking girl.

On the other head, Cha Min who used to be a kind-hearted CEO gets reincarnated as a very good-looking CEO with wealth because of his good deeds. The two join hands to discover the secret behind their deaths. Check out this supernatural romance on Netflix.

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Let us know in the comments below which of these is the most similar to the Business Proposal.

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