What Swifties Have to Say About Ryan Reynolds’ Kids Not Knowing Aunt Taylor Swift Is Famous

What Swifties Have to Say About Ryan Reynolds’ Kids Not Knowing Aunt Taylor Swift Is Famous

Swifties are having their best moment. Not only because the Midnights mania is not going down anytime soon but also because Ryan Reynolds opened up about his three lovely daughters having an adorable revelation about their favorite aunt. Taytay’s close relationship with the Green Lantern couple is nothing surprising to the fans and media. Both the globally acclaimed pop singer and highly emblazoned celebrity couple have been vocal about their strong bond over years.

The All Too Well singer has also woven the names of Reynolds’ daughters in her songs and in a way paid homage to their existence. However, despite such a strong bond, neither of the three girls, Betty, Inez, or James, knew that their aunt is a worshiped pop singer, and it is not just her hobby, until recently. And when the miniature Reynolds finally had their big revelation moment at one of the Taylor Swift concerts, they responded in the cutest way possible.

“Ohhhh, it isn’t just a hobby,” they told their father in their cute little voice whilst listening to Swift live.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Freaked Out When Taylor Swift Played Their Daughter's Voice at Her Concert

When The Adam Project actor told about it to the entire world via his talks in the Jess Cagle Show, the Twitter world got dumbstruck, showering the social media app with heart-melting reactions.

Fans respond to Ryan Reynolds’ daughters’ reaction to Taylor Swift’s stardom

When Pop Base tweeted that the Reynolds girls were unaware of how famous their aunt actually is, fans gave mixed reactions. While some found them to be cute, others questioned if they were living under a rock.

Others just wish they had an aunt like Taylor Swift.

Some fans suggest waiting till they grow up and understand the true meaning of Folklore

Fascinatingly, fans also predicted earlier that Swift may have suggested the couple’s fourth child name in Midnights’ You’re on Your Own, Kid song. If she actually did or not remains to be seen.

Regardless, it sure would have been a cute memorable moment for the entire Reynolds family.

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