What Key Aspects Nam-Ra Holds For ‘All of Us Dead’ Season 2? Check Theories And Predictions

What Key Aspects Nam-Ra Holds For ‘All of Us Dead’ Season 2? Check Theories And Predictions

In Netflix’s, All of us are dead we see the Hyosan High school students fight a long battle which included losing their friends and family, to reach the safe haven for 12 episodes. At the end of the last episode, we see Nam-ra, who is a half-zombie now, jump off of the roof. What did the ending mean? Fans have been speculating that Nam-ra will play a crucial role in Season 2.

Here are a few reasons why this theory is plausible. 

Hambies will emerge as the new human breed 

Lee Byeong-chan, the science teacher created the virus while he was trying to turn his son into someone stronger to fight off the bullies. He mentioned in a video recording that once the virus learns the human mind, it will create a different breed of humans-one which is extremely powerful with super strength. 

His theories became true as we saw that there were two versions of the infected. The first version showed true zombie tendencies-inhuman flexibility and an appetite for brains. On the other hand, the second version of the virus was not causing the infected to completely lose their minds. They had zombie tendencies, but were conscious of their surroundings and people around them, and were able to restrain themselves from biting others. 

Nam-ra and Gwi-nam became hambies as soon as they were bitten. They could sustain damage, they gained inhuman strength and had a heightened sense of smell and hearing. It alludes that there are probably more cases like that and these hambies may form a community of their own in season 2

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Nam-ra will lead the superhumans

The hambies are not exactly humans, neither are they mindless zombies. They are superhumans and with Nam-ra’s leadership background, she might play a key role in leading the hambies. Before she turned, she was a class president and also led the group in their search for a safe haven. 

Throughout the series, we saw her battle with her zombie tendencies and she was able to resist them. Season 2 might treat us to a more powerful, confident, and restrained Nam-ra. We might see her teaching the other hambies how to be more in control of themselves. 

Cheong-san and Nam-ra will reunite in All of us are dead Season 2

Another theory that is flying around is that Cheong-san didn’t die, as was presumed by the group. He survived the bombings and would reunite with Nam-ra in the upcoming season. 

If he survives the bombings, he would gain some superhuman abilities. This means that the abilities would render him indestructible, as the bombing wiped off the entire zombie population. 

Gwi-nam will return 

Going by the theory that hambies can regenerate and are almost impervious to damage, Cheong-san will not be the sole survivor of the bombing. The antagonistic character will also make a return to make things harder for the characters. 

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