What Is ‘Without Saying Goodbye’ on Netflix? Check Reviews, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer, and More

What Is ‘Without Saying Goodbye’ on Netflix? Check Reviews, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer, and More

Netflix is one of the few over-the-top streaming platforms that have a wide variety of foreign cinema. Netflix has films from Spain, Japan, Iran, and most from the amazing Peruvian cinema. The newest addition to the list of fine Peruvian films to watch on Netflix is the Romantic Drama Without Saying Goodbye streaming only on Netflix.

Here is everything from cast to the reviews for you to make a decision to give the film a try or not.

Without Saying Goodbye Netflix cast

Stephanie Cayo and Maxi Iglesias play the lead roles in the film. Wendy Ramos, Vicente Vergara, Renata Flores, Anai Padilla, Carlos Carlin, Mayella Lloclla, Muki Sabogal. And Rodrigo Palacios are among the cast members.

What’s the film about?

The film takes place in the picturesque location of Peru. Where fortuitous encounter affects their perspectives on life, the lives of a workaholic architect and a fiery artist are upended. Netflix is calling the film a Romantic Drama and it has one of the best endings a romantic film can have.

Watch the trailer for the film here.

Without Saying Goodbye Reviews

The film is streaming on Netflix since the 18th of March and has been receiving decent reviews. The questions are mostly about its ambiguous ending.

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The film does not seem to be a big hit among critics as they call it a cliche romantic film. However people like the Peruvian setting and the chemistry of the lead actors.

Many people have shown ward appreciation towards the film on Twitter. Some of the tweets are

As we see in the above tweets people do like the film. Not for its direction or storyline. But most importantly for the setting of the film and melodious Spanish music.

Should you watch it?

As the movie is just an hour and a half long we feel that it will not be a complete-time to invest just over an hour in the film. And with picturesque Peru as the backdrop, we are sure you’ll feel refreshed after the intense lockdowns of covid and the isolations.

The film is streaming on Netflix.

Let us know if you’ll watch it.

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