What Is ‘The Making of a Swindler’ Podcast? Revealing the Unknown Facts About the Tinder Swindler

What Is ‘The Making of a Swindler’ Podcast? Revealing the Unknown Facts About the Tinder Swindler

Subscribers of Netflix are basically hooked up with The Tinder Swindler after the release on February 2nd, 2022. Viewers all over the world are pumped up on the story and want to know the real identity of con artist Shimon Hayut aka Simon Leviev, and how he scammed and manipulates young women victims.

The documentary film has revealed many shocking secrets about Simon Leviev, who continues his scams for many years. But, we still have a lot of questions for the documentary makers.

Where Shimon Hayut aka Simon Leviev is now? How he is still maintaining his lavish lifestyle? Who is Simon’s new girlfriend? And the last question is, how much money did Simon’s victims manage to clear on their name?

So, if you want to know more about The Tinder Swindler, Netflix has released an audio mini-series, a documentary podcast, You Can’t Make This Up. The special episode related to The Tinder Swindler is titled ‘The Making of a Swindler.

Get ready to be shocked again.

What is The Making of a Swindler about?

The podcast The Making of a Swindler will consist of a three-part full investigation. The podcast will host by the film’s director and producer, Felicity Morris and Bernadette Higgins, and give us a deeper look at how these crimes are done by Shimon. It also exposes his lies, and the people involved with him and also working for him. As the filmmaker says, “We learn about the mistakes he made, and the lessons he learned, going all the way back to his childhood.” 

Even the podcast will try to understand the psychology of Simon and his family background.

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Some interesting revelation in the podcast

  • Shimon Hayut aka Simon Leviev has many victims other than Pernilla Sjoholm, Cecilie Fjellhøy, and Ayleen Charlotte. The creators of the show try to speak with many victims, but they are not comfortable speaking on camera.
  • Leviev’s business partner Avishay and his bodyguard Peter were involved in the scams too. The filmmakers even found childhood photos of Simon and Avishay, so we claim he is aware of his scam from the beginning.
  • Simon’s daughter’s mother was unaware of these scams.
  • Leviev was used to work as a babysitter and stole checks from his employer when he was just 20 years old. So, we assume he had scammed people before that.

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