What Is Sex Unzipped All About on Netflix? Should You Watch It?

What Is Sex Unzipped All About on Netflix? Should You Watch It?

A new comedy special show on Netflix is Sex: Unzipped. It is a sex-educating comedy show that is ‘funniest and filthiest’. The show will be hosted by a very famous American woman rapper Saweetie. The way she is presenting the show and her attitude, we can assume it’s not just any commercial product representation, a lot more than that. It celebrates healthy sex life and positivity, which are their main two mottoes.

They even invite and take help from different sex educators and candid stand-ups. The best part of the show is that real people are talking about their own experiences. It is just not a utopia. Real people are talking and sharing their experiences from which we can presume ‘every sex story differs from each other’.

Who all are the part of the show Sex: Unzipped?

The show is directed by Ben Turner and Gabe Turner and written by Erika Ehler, Spencer Millman, and Steve Pary.

The show has an amazing cast of sex experts and advisors. The cast includes Joel Kim Booster, Michelle Buteau, Romesh Ranganathan, Dominique Jackson, Ian Karmel, Katherine Ryan, Sam Jay, London Hughes, Mae Martin, Nikki Glaser, London Hughes, and Trixie Mattel. Other than these, we have Emily Morse, Oloni, Stella Anna Sonnenbaum, Alexander Cheves, and special guest Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

Sex: Unzipped is a Netflix original that is streaming on Netflix from October 26th, 2021. So, it is an additional advantage for Netflix fans.

What is the plot of Sex: Unzipped of Netflix?

The show is focused on a new type of comedy where it busts the myths about sex. The official synopsis“a new comedy show focusing on sex positivity and the myths that need to be broken up, at least in today’s era.”

The sea experts will break your misconceptions about sex faced by real people on big screens. There are many people in the 21st century who still are not comfortable talking about sex. So, they don’t say it loud about their problems, the problems in a long run become myths and taboos.

Netflix has many shows in the past which talk about ‘sex-education like Sexology with Shan Boodram, Sex Education, Sex/Life, and Weeds. The show is a journey where people talk about sex openly. It is very important for everyone, especially people who belong to this new generation, to know everything about sex because there are a lot of misconceptions on the internet.

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