What Is Netflix Tudum? A Place For Things Behind Netflix

What Is Netflix Tudum? A Place For Things Behind Netflix

Netflix is back with another Tudum related news. What is Netflix Tudum?

Netflix has recently launched a website titled “Tudum”. The primary activity of the website will be to host consumer news about renewals, release dates, and extra content featuring its TV shows and movies. The marketing tagline of the website is, “a place to discover more about your Netflix favorites.”

Netflix launches a new website- Tudum

For a more accurate experience, Netflix subscribers can log in with account details into the website. In near future, we can assure the viewers that Netflix will add more features for a more curated experience. The website is available globally, but only in the English language.

Tudum will be that place where we can get more content and information about Netflix films and shows. The team working at Netflix has noticed that viewers always dig deep and want to know information about the content. For example “what bakery Emily goes to in Paris”, “when is Ozark coming back”, “is Berlin really dead on Money Heist”, and “whether Maid is based on a true story”.

It is a place to discover more about your Netflix favorites. The website will have a lot of interesting features like exclusive interviews, cast breakdowns, never before seen footage, what to watch suggestions, behind the scenes, bonus features, information about content that’s popular on the platform, a trending news section, details about upcoming shows, and many more.

History of Tudum

Tudum is the name of the sound, which we hear at the beginning of any show or film on Netflix. As soon as we press the play button on the content at the steamer, one can hear the sound. So, for the first time, Netflix arranged a global fan event in September, which was named after the sound Tudum. The event was a huge hit, with the exclusive and first footage of many of Netflix’s television series and movies, including “Stranger Things,” “Emily in Paris,” “The Witcher,” “The Crown,” “Cobra Kai” and “Bridgerton.”

Netflix chief marketing officer, Bozoma Saint John claims, “excited to introduce Tudum for fans to dive deeper into the stories they love, fuel their obsessions and start new conversations. It’s still early days, and our launch today is just the beginning.”

So, let us all dig deeper and enjoy the new experience of the number 1 streamer of the world, Netflix.

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