What Happened to Coop in ‘All American’ Season 4? Does She Die?

What Happened to Coop in ‘All American’ Season 4? Does She Die?

Sports dramas exploring and exposing teenage issues and relationships are becoming popular nowadays. The past life traumas of their parents add to the teenagers’ sufferings. With All American streaming on Netflix, you can see one such example of this kind of show. The latest season 4 reveals the main character named Tamia “Coop” Cooper. Season 3 ends with her being shot by a bullet. The creators left the viewers curious about what would happen to Coop in All American season 4. Let us find out if she lived or not.

Does Coop survive in the latest season of All American?

All American season 4 officially aired on Netflix on May 31, 2022. In the previous season, we discover that Spencer’s best friend, Tamia, who is recognized as Coop, encounters Monique Stephanie Moore. She is addressed as Mo in the show. Mo decides to take revenge on Coop as she was involved in the murder of Mo’s brother. Ultimately, Coop ends up in a fight with Mo. The creators are smart enough to end the show on that note. They intensified the feelings of the fans by ending the season unfinished like this.

As the first episode of season 4 is streaming, we get to know about the conditions of Coop and Mo. In the first episode itself, we can see that nothing happens with Coop yet. In fact, the plot of this season revolves around her. The episode opens with Preach taking Coop to the hospital as she was bleeding heavily. Coop’s condition is serious now. The doctors try their best to save her. They would have to perform a complicated surgery to remove the bullet. But they are not even sure if the surgery would go as they think or not.

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However, later in the episode, we see Coop is alive. But unfortunately, she’s in a coma. Although towards the end of the episode, we see Coop wake up and seem fine. Spenser gets the news, and he runs to the hospital to see Coop. Because Coop is the main character, the story will unfold the future of this character. Would she survive the trauma? What will happen next with her? Where shall her life lead her now? To find out the answers, you need to watch the show.

What can you expect in this season?

The way the story ends in season 3 dramatically heightened the interest of the viewers. The creators left us with so many cliffhangers. You may be wondering about the future of the season. Well, here are some questions that you might find answers to in this latest season.

As it is clear that Coop is in danger as she faced Mo recently. Will Coop survive the trap that Mo dragged her into? This is a sports drama and there are football players. There was going to be a championship. Will it take place? And will Coach Baker be able to forgive Spencer and Jordan because they trained behind his back?

If you are up for an interesting but mature teenage drama, we strongly recommend you to watch this show.

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