What Does a Marriage Therapist Has to Say About Love Is Blind Couples?

What Does a Marriage Therapist Has to Say About Love Is Blind Couples?

Falling in love is a physiological process. Much of what you feel for a person is in your brain than what you say. And that is under normal circumstances. What if you do not see your partner for a good time in the relationship. Well, that is what Love is Blind explores. Couples in the reality show do not see each other for the central part of their relationship until their wedding. So much of their relationship depends on how they connect psychologically.

Netflix recently spoke with a marriage and relationship consultant Dr. Kirk Honda about the difference in the attachment style and relationships of the couples in Love is Blind season two.

Is emotional and physical attraction the same?

While speaking about how the show highlights emotional interaction, Dr. Honda told Netflix that The brilliance of love is Blind because it allows us to experience both physical and emotional attraction separately. In the outside world, we experience both simultaneously.

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However, in the show, you first get to know the person and only get to see them. So it is possible someone whom you did not like to talk to but seems attractive upon looking. Honda describes the attraction as “a particular and a very magical thing.”

Using terms they do not understand

While discussing if people misuse psychological terms while talking about Love is Blind, Kirk said that he had not encountered gaslighting on the show. However, he is open if people point out such moments and ask him to review them. He said the term that most clinicians generally do not understand due to its complexity.

He said so, “When I hear someone say, “Shaina’s a narcissist,” what I’m interpreting that they really mean is, “I don’t like this person, and I don’t think they have consideration towards other people.” If you said that, that’s not a clinical sentence; that’s just an opinion.”

How can Love is Blind couples have a long-lasting relationship?

Dr. Kirk’s advice for contestants on shows such as Love is Blind is to go to therapy, and he repeated the word thrice! He recommended strike to go for consultations to have a healthy marriage. And he emphasized that contestants are just human beings, therefore, are not perfect. And are deserving of our care and compassion.

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