What do Will, Robin, and Steve Have in Common, That Breaks Stranger Things Fans’ Hearts Everytime We See Them?

What do Will, Robin, and Steve Have in Common, That Breaks Stranger Things Fans’ Hearts Everytime We See Them?

The world came to a halt when Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 dropped out on Netflix’s platform. It was one of those iconic days when the majority of the population had their eyes stuck on their screens, binging right through the horrific episodes of this gore drama.

Sure, we all had our own reasons to cry our hearts out as we watched the show. But there’s one common reason all would agree upon. Will in Stranger Things, along with his friends Steve and Robin, has made us feel miserable ever since the series first made its debut back in 2016.

Over four seasons of this Netflix Original, we have surely learned one thing. Nothing but love and only love can save us from human miseries. The absolute feeling of being accepted as we are can do miracles unknown. In these 7 years, we have joyed with each of the lovebirds of Stranger Things. We have even celebrated friendships with Eleven and Max, Mike and Will, Jonathan and Argyle, Steve and Robin, and well, the list continues. However, the fate of Will and Steve has always left us in tears. And even though Robin joined the club a little later, she is nothing different from the two men. Here’s everything you need to ponder upon:

Will, Robin, and Steve in Stranger Things always made fans sob for this reason

Steve Harrington has left no stone unturned to confess how deep his love is for the very beautiful Nancy Wheeler. Although after they parted their ways, he never said it directly to her face until the latest episodes. But boy, those subtle hints he passed might have melted your heart as well. But Nancy, for one, never understood those or didn’t choose to do so. We almost broke down in episode 9 of the fourth season when Steve told his beloved Nance how he always imagined her in his life.

It was heartbreaking to see Robin as well when she was crushing hard over her fellow cheerleader but saw her kissing her boyfriend (well- ex-boyfriend). How could not that girl understand that our Robin is head over heels for her!! Anyway, the saddest of all is the story of Will. As fans connoted, his peers constantly bullied him for being different. But what made us shed rivers of tears was when we saw himself in tears in S4 Vol 2 of Stranger Things. It was when he was easing Mike and telling El is madly in love with him we realized what was truly going on with him.

Although sad, everything boils down to one thing. They had to third wheel because their lovers couldn’t understand their feelings. And going forward, we can just expect that someone knocks some sense into them, which may lead to a happy ending for everyone.

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Do you agree with us? Do let us know in the comment section. Volume 2 of Stranger Things season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.


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