What Deepti Has to Say About Shake Not Finding Her Attractive on ‘Love Is Blind’ Reunion?

What Deepti Has to Say About Shake Not Finding Her Attractive on ‘Love Is Blind’ Reunion?

Love is Blind Reunion premiered yesterday (March 4) with Vanessa and Nick Lachey confronting Shake for his behavior on the show. All the cast were present along with Deepti Sharma. Despite Vanessa berating Abhishek Shake Chatterjee for his problematic views on love, Shake didn’t budge. For Shake, Love remains blurry. But after the confrontation, it was the first time Deepti Vempati opened her mouth and addressed Shake for insulting her on national TV. 

Shayne and Jarrette warned her about Shake

Even before the Love is Blind episodes aired on TV, Deepti was well aware of what Shake was saying behind her back. Her girlfriends, Shayne and Jarrette told her, but what shocked her was the things he said. She didn’t think Shake would say such mean things on TV when he had been so straightforward with her. Deepti explained that not finding someone attractive is okay, but hurting your friend on national TV is not. 

“Listen I don’t give a f**k if you’re not physically attracted to me. But if you care about somebody, and you’re supposedly their friend, you do not disrespect them on national f***ing TV.” 

To this Shake admits that he could have “handled things differently”. By then, Deepti was beyond infuriated and she shuts Shake down with just one line. 

“You just don’t know how to speak, especially to women.”

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Are Shake and Deepti from Love is Blind still friends with each other?

Unfortunately, the pair stopped being friends right after the show ended and Deepti left him at the altar choosing herself over him. “Honestly, I thought that I would be friends with Shake – we tried,” she confessed.

They didn’t keep in touch either. 

“But seeing how he interacts with people, band seeing how is on social media – every time he left the room, I just felt emotionally drained.” 

The Love is Blind Reunion was filled with as much drama as the reality show. The highlight of the show was definitely the confrontation, but the second-hand embarrassment that viewers felt when Shake just randomly confessed being attracted to Vanessa can’t be compared to anything. It wasn’t just Shayne who had “WTF” written on his face! 

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