Welcome to Eden on Netflix: Are Fans Recommending to Dive Into This Exclusive Party on a Remote Island?

Welcome to Eden on Netflix: Are Fans Recommending to Dive Into This Exclusive Party on a Remote Island?

Before you dismiss Welcome To Eden as just another survival show on Netflix, let us tell you that it is all that and more. The show mixes weird cult activities with the stranded on an island trope. The show will immediately remind you of other shows like The Wilds and Lost. But the closest is probably, Showtime’s Yellowjackets. Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López’s directed Spanish thriller has already gained enough traction on Twitter. Let’s find out what the series is about. 

What is the plot of the Spanish thriller?

Five young social media influencers, Zoa, Aldo, Ibon, Charly, and Africa are invited to this exclusive party on a remote island. A new drink brand, Eden Blue is sponsoring the mega event. Judith also tags along with Zoe. As soon as they land on the island, they are served the new mysterious drink. Unknown to them, the drink is laced with drugs to knock them unconscious. The next day they wake up with a hangover and foggy memories. All alone on a deserted island, only a drone guides them to Astrid and her husband Erik. They sent out the invitations. The quick change in the tone and events, tell you that something is afoot. The five influencers have no idea that they are trapped on this island with no way to escape. 

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What are the fans saying?

Reviews of Welcome to Eden on Netflix

The premise is intriguing enough to hit play, but is it enough to keep you watching? 

Decider says, “Stream It. Welcome To Eden on Netflix gives its viewers just enough information in its first episode to generate a lot of questions, which means it’s doing its job.” 

Ready Steady Cut writes: “Audiences will find themselves wondering what the whole point of Eden is about and what the host’s objectives are. That’s the ultimate goal for the viewer. If that does not interest you, the fast-paced story will surely keep you engaged. Welcome to Eden may have been released on an odd day, but it’s worth the investment.”

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