“We had a limitation on time..” Henry Cavill Once Revealed How Working for ‘The Witcher’ Was Much Harder than Playing Superman

“We had a limitation on time..”  Henry Cavill Once Revealed How Working for ‘The Witcher’ Was Much Harder than Playing Superman

Henry Cavill made a fantastic Superman, despite not being the first, but he will always be the original Witcher. Though, the opportunity did not come without immense commitment. Having seen his performances and interviews, it is apparent how hard the actor works to give maximum effort toward his projects. Nevertheless, the actor’s efforts have certainly not been in vain.

Celebrities not only have to work long hours but are also expected to maintain a healthy body and attractive physical appearance. While Cavill had already buffed up for Superman, his role in the much-demanding Netflix show needed some extra degrees.

How Henry Cavill managed life during The Witcher days

Reprising his role as Superman would involve working on time-bound projects. But working on The Witcher was a continuous process. As per FandomWire, the actor would often had to do overtime on the sets. Bringing the periodic god-like character into reality meant long makeup sessions every single day. So, the eleven-plus hours of shoots would take 1-2 hours of makeup. Adding to it was Cavill’s travel time of an hour one way. “For this one, we had a limitation on time”, he once said during an interview. While finding spare time was already a task, he also had to stick to his gym routine.

At an ungodly hour of 3 am, the entertainer would hit the gym to work out peacefully. It barely left any time for him to live a normal life. But playing Geralt of Rivia was his dream role. Plus, the world knows about his love for The Witcher book series, as the actor possesses in-depth knowledge of the game and the books.

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For the disciplined actor, the end result was worth it all. The show became a massive success bursting the charts on Netflix, and Cavill received all the love from fans for his portrayal.

How hard work made The Witcher one of the most successful Netflix shows

The Witcher became an instant hit after the release of its first season in 2019. With just two seasons, it became one of the most viewed shows on Netflix, with 462.5 million of watch time. Cavill also got nominated for the Critics Choice Award for Best Actor Science/Fiction Fantasy.

After departing from the show, he even began preparing to keep up with his old self for Man of Steel 2. Although DC sacked the movie, we can expect to see him again soon, with action movies already queued up.

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