Watch Young Vesemir In The Witcher: The Nightmare Of The Wolf And Geralt Slaying Wild Creatures Together

Watch Young Vesemir In The Witcher: The Nightmare Of The Wolf And Geralt Slaying Wild Creatures Together

What could be a more wholesome and bewitching sight than watching mighty Geralt in action? Maybe… Vesemir tearing down deadly creatures and other enemies into halves with his sharp sword? However, what will be drop-dead gorgeous is watching them fight right next to each other. Just imagine young Vesemir of The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, and Geralt of The Witcher slaying demons altogether. Surprise, surprise! Netflix anime on YouTube just turned our dream into reality. And we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

As we all know, the Netflix original anime movie introduces us to young Vesemir, the beloved mentor of Geralt. We also meet Tetra, a determined witch, or should we rather say a mage, who is diligent to vanish Witchers’ very existence from the universe. It also tells us the tale of how the ferocious Witchers are created. How they go through a harrowing journey to become the demon slayers they are today. All said, Nightmare of the Wolf is truly a welcoming addition to the books, games, and, of course, the live-action adaptation.

Apart from that, power-packed with astounding action, mind-blowing animation, and many parallels between the two fantasies have made us want more and more of the Witcher Universe. And it seems like The Witcher fans are in for a treat as we will never fail to provide you with the content you long for.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the wolf vs. the live-action adaptation

While one is the white-haired creature killer himself, the other one is his mentor. While one shows no mercy to those who do wrong, other takes pride in the abilities he is gifted with. Both Geralt and Vesemir rule the world as vigorous yet cherished wolves. The action in anime is impeccable; The animators have done pure justice when it comes to the blood battles fought against the monsters by wolves.

We can’t help ourselves but feel panic-stricken while Geralt initiates his battle with the Striga in The Witcher. The anime arouses similar feelings when we see the frightening battle fought by Vesemir against the Leshen to save an innocent life. Both the series as well as the movie hold a collection of exclusive battles which can undoubtedly quench your thirst for thrills. And above is the exclusive clip finely merging both the movie and the show in a rather heartwarming manner.

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