Watch: Singer Justin Bieber Channeling His Inner Ruth Langmore in a TikTok Video

Watch: Singer Justin Bieber Channeling His Inner Ruth Langmore in a TikTok Video

Ozark came to a shocking conclusion on April 29th. The crime peddling show was one of Netflix’s top shows. But as all good things come to an end, Ozark had to wrap up. There were countless tense moments, and bloodshed throughout its run. Julia Garner in particular has received widespread acclaim for portraying the role of Ruth Langmore on the show. Her scenes are so intense, that one of them has gone viral. Fans all across the globe are lip-syncing to the audio. Megastar, Justin Bieber has also jumped on the bandwagon! 

Justin Bieber reacts to Julia Garner’s character on Ozark 

In Ozark season 4 episode 7, Ruth goes home to find his cousin brother, Wyatt, and his wife, Darlene Snelle dead. Cartel boss, Javi is the culprit and Ruth wants revenge. The cartel had threatened them to stop selling heroin but they didn’t listen. Enraged, she heads over to the Byrdes with a gun to tell them of her plan to avenge his brother’s death. The Byrdes know the repercussions of hurting a cartel member and so does Ruth. But blinded by rage, she threatens them that if they try to stop her, they’ll have to kill her. 

The pop sensation, Justin Bieber recently uploaded a clip of him reacting to it. He also added some beats and vibes to it after the scene ends, but for copyright reasons, the audio isn’t available.  

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What happens to Ruth Langmore?

Ruth had a tough upbringing. Devoid of love and affection, she always looked for a family. Every time she was close to having it, her hopes were killed, like literally. Wendy killed her lover Ben, and Javi killed her brother, Wyatt. Having lost everything, she didn’t care about the consequences and set about to kill Javi. She did manage to kill him but didn’t have enough time to enjoy the money and the assets she had gained from her cousin and Darlene.

Javi’s mother Camila acquired the knowledge of her son’s killer. And without wasting any more time, she decided to cut Ruth’s life short. The Byrdes couldn’t do anything to protect her. 

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