Watch Ryan Reynolds Pour an Entire Ice Tea on a Mobile Phone to Prove a Rather Odd Point

Watch Ryan Reynolds Pour an Entire Ice Tea on a Mobile Phone to Prove a Rather Odd Point

Ryan Reynolds has an impressive three-decades-long career in the film industry. Most popularly known for the Deadpool franchise and his amazing sense of humor, you can always count on Ryan to say the most unexpected of things. When talking about his newborn the  Green Lantern actor famously said that he would use his wife as a human shield in order to protect his kid.

Not the most ideal superhero we must say but the fans love it. Furthermore, given his fun personality, Reynolds is the go-to guy when it comes to making commercials that make you want to skip the movie to watch it. The actor is also running a YouTube channel on which he posts surprisingly quite often. From giving major updates about his movies to fun commercials all with a sprinkle of Ryan’s humor is what his channel entails.

Ryan Reynolds is setting the bars for advertisement very high

Apart from having an amazing career in the acting industry, Ryan Reynolds also co-owns a production company named Maximum Effort. Free Guy, The Adam Project on Netflix, Spirited, and Imaginary Friends were all produced by him. However, this is not the only business that he owns, the ‘Sexiest Dad Alive’ owns.  In 2019, Ryan Reynolds became the owner of  Mint Mobile which is a mobile virtual network operator located in the United States. In classic Reynolds style, the actor made the announcement by joking that he will pay himself $15 a month to keep things on board.

He is seen promoting the network regularly on his YouTube channel. Truly only Ryan can make commercials that we would volunteer to watch. In which such a video he roped in Don Vultaggio who is the founder of AriZona Iced Tea and obviously a drinker as well.

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In a jibe at the inflation that is going on, the video was titled ‘The League of Non-Inflationary Gentleman’. Additionally, Reynolds starts off by asking Don how much a can of AriZona iced tea cost in 1992 vs now and Don answered $99 in both cases.


Then Ryan Reynolds proceeds to say that Mint Mobile will be ”putting” the same non-inflationary tea technology as AriZona tea. However, no one expected Ryan to literally spill the iced tea on his phone to prove his point. Judging by Don’s expression he too was caught off-guard. Watch the video for yourself!

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