WATCH: Most Quotable Moments From Seinfeld – All of Them

WATCH: Most Quotable Moments From Seinfeld – All of Them

While Seinfeld may have stopped airing in 1998, it remains the definition of a comfort show. The series made quite a mark- in the entertainment industry and the American vernacular.

Seinfeld isn’t just responsible for “sponge-worthy”, “yada yada yada” or “no soup for you”. The series also left us with “man-hands”, “close talker” and “re-gifting”. These quotes are but a small part of the show’s most quotable moments.

So, here’s a list of some more quotable moments from the classic sitcom that you can now watch on Netflix.

“That’s a shame”

There is no way one can hear the phrase “that’s a shame” and not be reminded of the many times Jerry has it. One can use the phrase as a witty remark or a one-liner in practically any situation and we’ve got Seinfeld to thank for it.

“I don’t wanna be a pirate”

Except perhaps Jack Sparrow, who was actually a pirate, frills have never been much appreciated in pop culture. From Ron Weasley’s dress robes in the Yule Ball to the numerous Victorian-era-based parodies, we’ve never had it in for the ruffles.

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The same goes for Jerry Seinfeld. In a scene where he is being offered a shirt that’s rather frilly, the man cries out, “I don’t wanna be a pirate.” Not only was it hilarious, but it was also an extremely quotable moment for when one needs to turn down things and be funny about it.


Forgetting someone’s name can be, well, embarrassing. We’ve all been there. Jerry Seinfeld made it easier for fans of the show. Next time you forget someone’s name, pop a “Mulva?” question and get out of the sticky situation.


There is no way one can talk about Seinfeld without mentioning “sponge-worthy”. After her favorite form of birth control is taken off the market, Elaine is forced to use the remaining supply, the Sponge, wisely. Sponge-worthy is yet another quotable phrase from the series.

“A George divided against itself cannot stand”

Situations, where one cannot make their mind up about something, aren’t rare. Add a dash of humor to these scenarios after ending a rant with “a George divided against itself cannot stand.”

So, which one of these Seinfeld quotes are you going to be using?

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