WATCH: How Agnes Burn Was Transformed Into Vereena for The Witcher

WATCH: How Agnes Burn Was Transformed Into Vereena for The Witcher

Weeks have passed since we bid adieu from the mystical yet realistic world of The Witcher. Though primarily it is a fantasy drama, Lauren S. Hissrich’s creation tends to teach us lessons that are larger than life. Of course, she has the marvelous writing skills of the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, backing her up. The Continent serves as home to a plethora of amazingly dangerous creatures, one of which was Vereena the Bruxa from The Witcher season 2 episode, A Grain of Truth. The very creature that looked petrifying in her vampire form, but gorgeous in her human form.

While she was indeed a terrifying creature to look at, witnessing the process of her making is quite pleasant. You won’t stay alien to the process, as Netflix recently released a video where we can see the SFX that went behind the creation of Vereena the Bruxa. Well, with no further ado, let us just get on with it.

Who exactly is Vereena the Bruxa and who plays the role in The Witcher?

The fans of The Witcher are quite familiar with a being called Bruxa, which Vereena is. So these Bruxas are actually vampires, but not just your regular blood-sucking nocturnal vampires. They are shape-shifting vampires capable of devouring entire human bodies, and the sun has no effect on them. To add to that, lore says that a powerful Bruxa has the physical ability to take down a witcher as well.

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Coming to the actress, the Netflix Original featured the extremely gorgeous actress Agnes Burn in the role of Vereena. Agnes delivered such a powerful in just that one episode, we are pretty sure she turned every single person watching the show into her fan.

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The transformation from Agnes to Vereena

In a recent video uploaded on Still Watching Netflix‘s YouTube channel, we see the entire process that went into the transformation of Agnes Burn into Vereena aka the Bruxa. We see the whole SFX of the Vereena, as well as the makeup artists working tirelessly with Agnes. It is truly the dedication like this that helps us enjoy our favorite shows. Especially shows like Netflix’s The Witcher.

Tell us who is your favorite monster from the Witcher? Is it the Bruxa or is it the mutated Leshy? Or some other monster? Because there are plenty more coming up in The Witcher Season 3.

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