Watch: From Face Masks to Fumbling Dialogues, ‘The Adam Project’ Bloopers and BTS Are as Hilarious as Ryan Reynolds

Watch: From Face Masks to Fumbling Dialogues, ‘The Adam Project’ Bloopers and BTS Are as Hilarious as Ryan Reynolds

If you have already watched The Adam Project, you have had your share of laughter and adventure. But if you are still not over it and need more and more of the very handsome Ryan Reynolds, we have your prayers answered. There’s a lot more fun hidden in the making of this adventure film. And as it bagged a lot of appreciation and became a fan favorite in a very short amount of time; Netflix decided to keep the fun going.

Well, if you haven’t watched the movie yet because of any unfortunate reason, here’s a gist of it. You will meet Ryan Reynolds’ Adam in his fighter pilot outfit crashing into his past, only to team up with his younger self. Together, they save themselves and the future. It is a rather wholesome film in Reynolds’ kind of way. It aims directly for the heart. And if you couldn’t get on board with The Adam Project, there is something probably missing in your soul! Perhaps time travel could help?

So, before hanging out with us, go straight to your Netflix account and enjoy the adventures of young and old Adam altogether. We will be waiting for you here. And for those who have already binged through this coming-of-age sci-fi, we have a big surprise for you.

Netflix released the funniest blooper video of The Adam Project!

Exciting, right? As soon as we came across the video, we couldn’t help but share it with you. It has everything! From Reynolds and Walker forgetting their dialogue hilariously to televisions cracking and breaking. Even that will give you a loud guffaw. In the movie, you might hear young Adam complaining about how everyone is twice his size, and it will naturally make you laugh out loud. But the blooper video has added more to it.

There’s Reynolds, almost tumbling off the stool, declaring that it’s his first time dealing with stools! And then there’s young Adam, almost being sarcastic all the time. But these are just a few of them. Suffice to say, the cast and crew members had a lot of fun and laughter while making the movie. Mind you though, the 3 minutes 48 seconds video will give you stomach aching laughter.

As you watch the video, do let us know in the comment section below, how much did you enjoy watching the clip.

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