WATCH: 6 Queer Eye Season 6 Moments That Made Us Grab Tissues for Our Eyes

WATCH: 6 Queer Eye Season 6 Moments That Made Us Grab Tissues for Our Eyes

After more than a decade of Queer Eye going off-air, Netflix decided to revive this classic which is currently on season 6. It has all the elements that made the original so special and new traits that ensure that the series stays fresh. And unlike most other reality television series, Queer Eye is quite authentic. In fact, the series was nominated for Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program. That being said, here are some of the best moments from Queer Eye season 6 that weren’t easy on us (or our eyes):

Respect the pronouns, people

In an era where people name their sons X Æ A-12 and yet refer to neopronouns as “aesthetic nightmare”, it was quite wholesome to see a single effective conversation change a person’s perspective on this same. While most fans started out disliking Josh Eilers for his brash attitude, his conversation about pronoun usage definitely became one of the most wholesome scenes of Queer Eye season 6.

Angel and her father

One of the most daunting things about transition is acceptance. While Angel was going through this period of her life, she also had to deal with separation from her family over her sexuality. Her reconciliation with her family, especially her father, was long overdue and definitely one for the books.

Yas, queen

Fans of Queer Eye are no strangers to Jonathan Van Ness’ “Yas, Queen” that just had to make a comeback in season 6. But the moment where Chris, the man they meet in episode 8, whips this song titled “Yas, Queen” out for them with a dash of an acoustic guitar.

Chris had many a struggle as he dealt with substance abuse and guilt over the death of his mother. Despite his own demons, the man championed for the homeless in an attempt to build a sustainable shelter for as many as he could. During the entire episode, he uses the term “yas, queen” to alleviate himself and others after any emotional moment- something fans and The Fab Five found extremely delightful. But this one serenade for the group really closed the deal as the best part of the episode, if not the entire Netflix Original series.

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Tan France and tears

Over the previous 5 seasons, fans haven’t seen Tan France shed more than a single tear. Whenever he has cried before this, it is just one single teardrop that does the deal. This is precisely why France’s crying over something sweet is undeniably one of the best moments of Queer Eye season 6.


Neon is the name of Antoni’s adorable foster dog. There’s a dog in the picture. That is essentially all there is to say about this. Every single scene with this adorable pittie-mix brings out the hugger in all the members that we wouldn’t see otherwise.

With scenes such as this and many more, Queer Eye is definitely one of the better reality television shows out there and season 6 might arguably be one of their most intense ones yet. Stream on Netflix now.

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